April 27, 2012 | Loving...

Oh gosh.. I somehow just stumbled across PaperFashion and have spent the last hour going through the blog in complete awe. Katie Rodgers, the creator of PaperFashion, is an incredible watercolour artist and most of her blog and shop are made up of these gorgeous fashion illustrations…

I’ve got some serious insecurities creeping in about my own feeble attempts at watercolour now.. Oh to be able to draw like this!

Here are some of the prints you can buy in her shop.. aren’t they lovely?

You can find PaperFashion blog here, and also Katie’s two shops: here and here.

How’s that for some gorgeous Friday eye-candy? Have a lovely weekend, friends!

{Freebie} Printable Gift Tags

April 26, 2012 | Freebies

In a sudden bout of experimentation the other day, I created a watercolour pattern that was meant to look like little flowers. I’m not sure I really achieved what it was meant to look like, but I found it pretty anyway! So I thought – why not share it with you guys by creating some printable gifts tags you can use.. after all, Mother’s Day is coming up soon!

***Download by clicking here***

There are lots of combinations possible! Here are a couple to get you inspired:

I printed them out on a heavy card and cut them out by hand, but if you had a punch that would also work. Alternately, you could print them out on sticker paper and get busy sticking! They look really cute stuck to envelopes, jars, or even as labels on boxes :)

For anyone interested – the pretty wrapping papers in the top photo are actually just pages out of a magazine! Super cheap, super easy.

Workspace Wednesday 35.

April 25, 2012 | Workspace Wednesday

I’ve been after some sweet little succulents to pretty up my desk for like.. ever, but apparently they aren’t too popular here in Singapore (something about them being hard to keep alive?). Unfortunately even under normal circumstances I’m a bit of a serial plant-killer, so had pretty much given up on a) finding succulents, and b) keeping them alive. But then I went to good-old Ikea and saw these lovelies, and thought it was really my duty to take them home and love them, and try really really hard not to kill them. And so I did. Wish me luck!

Words: Right?!

April 24, 2012 | Words

My inspiration for this one came from my very own husband, who has taken to saying this several times a day.

I was also testing out my blending skills in this one.. I think I did alright if I do say so myself :)