DIY Party Cups

May 31, 2012 | DIY

After doing this sparkly DIY last week, I decided that I wasn’t quite done with the good ol’ pipe cleaners just yet. Enter – DIY pipe cleaner party cups!

Wouldn’t these be fun for a party? You could give each guest a cup with their initial on it (so they won’t lose which cup is theirs!), or line them up and spell something out.. or even coordinate shapes and colours for a themed party!

Here’s how you go about it:

You’ll need:
– Pipe cleaners
– Blank paper cups
– Hot glue gun
– Pencil

Step 1.
Bend the pipe cleaners into the shapes/letters you’d like. Cut off any extra bits you don’t need.

Step 2.
Hold your shape/letter against one of the cups and use the pencil to lightly mark on the cup where you’d like to glue. I only used one or two dots of glue on each of the cups above, and found it best to glue at joins in the pipe cleaners.

Step 3.
Working quickly, dab a spot of hot glue on the marked spots on your cup, and stick the pipe cleaner letter/shape down. If it’s not too hot, press where you glued with your thumb on the outside, and finger on the inside of the cup to really make sure it’s stuck. Wait for it to cool before using it!

And you’re done! Piece of cake, or what? :)

Loving… Dinosaur Designs

May 29, 2012 | Loving...

I was reminded of this gorgeous Australian company while I was perusing this post on Dearest Nature the other day. It’s called Dinosaur Designs and they produce handmade resin homewares and jewellery from their Sydney office. I’ve had a bit of a love affair with them ever since my daily bus route back in 2007 used to take me right by a shop window that displayed their goods. I was the girl with her face pressed against the window, fogging it up and drooling all over the seat (ok ok not really.. I know how unsanitary bus windows can be).

Don’t you just love these bright, transparent bowls and bangles? So fresh and summery! :)

All images are from the Dinosaur Designs website. Also check out their shop here!

The Honeymoon Part 1

May 28, 2012 | Personal, Wedding

Who doesn’t love starting a new working week with photos from someone else’s magnificent honeymoon to an incredible island full of sun, sand, turquoise water, and nothing but relaxing??

Oh gosh golly.. I know I do!

Well, in this case I actually do because they’re photos from OUR honeymoon. It’s been a while since we spent our magical week in the Maldives, and I thought it was time to share it with you all! Terribly sorry to have to force these horrible photos on you!

To rub salt into the wound, I’m going to have to split the photos over 3 parts (the other two coming next monday and the monday after). I know, I’m so cruel! But, I will give you all the details on where we stayed so you can go and look into having your own holiday in the Maldives sometime :)

Part one: The accommodation.

The resort we stayed at was called Meeru Island Resort, and was about an hour speed-boat ride from the airport. We decided that the honeymoon was a good excuse to be a bit fancy, so booked ourselves into the Jacuzzi Water Villa which was one of the villas out over the water (with a jacuzzi!). It was gorgeous.

We had a private balcony out the back that had steps leading directly into the water where you could swim, snorkel, or just watch the marine life living swimming by. I favoured the latter due to some resident crabs that lived on our steps and I was terrified they were going to bite my feet if I went near them. Yes, I’m a big chicken. I’m also mildly terrified of snorkeling, just in case you were leaning towards thinking that I’m actually not a big chicken. I really really am.

Depending on the tide, the water around the villas varied from around mid-shin, to mid-thigh and was crystal clear. This made the walks from the villa to the beach and back again (we had a villa close to the far end, so it was about 200 m each way) really enjoyable because we could watch all the different kinds of fish, rays, and sharks swimming by. Every time we walked by there was something different to look at (like the ray above) and I was secretly happy to be walking above them, and not snokeling with them :)

Next week will be some photos from around the island.. think white sand beaches, romantic sunsets, and lots of palm trees. Try not to hate me too much right now ;)

DIY Sparkly Cake Toppers

May 25, 2012 | DIY, Featured

Good morning!

Do you remember a few weeks ago, I did two DIYs for the lovely blog Say Yes to Hoboken? Well I’ve been asked to become a regular DIY contributor, so now each month I’ll be creating two DIYs that will be featured on Say Yes to Hoboken! How exciting is that?!

Here’s my first one.. some really fun, really easy, reaaaally sparkly cake toppers! If you’d like to find out how to make them, head on over to Say Yes to Hoboken :)

DIY Sparkly Cake Toppers by Fellow Fellow for Say Yes to Hoboken

The full DIY can be found here.