Friday Mixtape 10

November 30, 2013 | Friday Mixtape

Friday Mixtape 10

Well, this one’s more like a late Saturday Mixtape – sorry about that! We still need music on the weekend though right? ;)

You can get the whole Spotify Playlist here, and here’s the list of new songs for this week:

46. Given the Chance by The Kite String Tangle
47. All the Days by Haerts
48. Buzzcut Season by Lorde
49. You by Nathaniel Willemse
50. Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim

Hope you’re having a nice weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with the first 24 Merry Days post for you! :)

DIY All-Natural Aftershave

November 28, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

Handmade gifts are the best aren’t they? Have you ever handmade cosmetic products before? If not, you’re in for a treat! I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Militza of Little Green Dot (Queen of all things green and good for you!) to put together a series of 3 all-natural, beautifully aromatic DIYs that are a cinch to make, and look fantastic as gifts as well.

This week, we’re making Aftershave!

DIY Aftershave

Patchouli & Petitgrain Aftershave, perfect for that hard-to-buy-for man in your life! Militza and I had so much fun making this product, and kept testing it out on our legs and arms while we were shooting hehe :)

Why Patchouli and Petitgrain you might ask? Well, we’ve consulted an amazing Herbalist, Alina from Abundant Earth, to give us the low-down on which essentials oils will work best (and smell best!) in an Aftershave! So it’ll not only be cooling and fresh on your man’s face, but the essential oils picked have benefits of their own: Patchouli is fantastic for the skin as it moisturises and regenerates the skin, and Petitgrain has a toning effect, and helps keep oil production in check.

How perfect is that! OK. Let’s get started…

DIY Aftershave

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel (100% pure is best!)
– 1/4 cup Witch Hazel
– 1 Tablespoon Glycerin
– Water to thin if needed (2-4 Tbs)
– Petitgrain Essential Oil, and Patchouli Essential Oil
– Small bottle
– Small jug
– Bowl
– Whisk

Step 1.
Combine the Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and Glycerine in a bowl and whisk until all combined.

DIY Aftershave

Step 2.
Add 12 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil, and 6 drops of Petitgrain Essential Oil. Whisk again to combine. If it’s thicker than you’d like, add some water, a little bit at a time, mixing in as you go until the desired consistency is reached.

DIY Aftershave

Step 3.
Make sure your small jug is completely clean and dry. Transfer the mixture into your jug, and then from the jug into the clean bottle. You can also use a funnel if you have one.

DIY Aftershave

Step 4.
Give it a test! Trust me – your skin will love it!

DIY Aftershave

NOTE: If you don’t add any water and use bottled aloe vera versus gel straight from a plant – then this aftershave should last for a good month since bottled aloe vera generally has a food grade preservative. If you do add water, it’ll probably last a week or two. You can also keep it in the fridge to be on the safer side and the cooling sensation might even be nice!

Now let’s make it gift-ready! I’ve created some lovely black and white labels for you to download and use as you like. Once you’ve downloaded the file you need (A4 or Letter) you’ll noticed that there are two pages – one with the labels the right way around, the other with the labels in reverse.


Page one: Labels the right way around – Print on sticker paper.
Page two: Labels in reverse – Below you’ll see some cute little gift bags we created to package your Aftershave in, and for this you’ll need Iron-On transfer paper, and the reversed labels.

DIY Aftershave

So here’s what you’ll need to recreate ours exactly. Get creative though, I’ve included lots of different tags so you can mix and match :)

– Finished Aftershave, sealed
– Plain Muslin Bag
– Ribbon
– Tape
– A printed sheet of labels (the right way around) on sticker paper. Cut out the ones you want.
– A printed sheet of the reversed labels on Iron-on Transfer paper. Cut out ones you want to use according to packet instructions.

Step 1.
For the bottle: start by measuring out some ribbon, and securing it on the bottom with tape.

DIY AftershaveStep 2.
Bring the ribbon up the bottle, over the lid, and down the other side. Peel the backing off the sticker you want to use, and stick it over the ribbon.

DIY Aftershave

Step 3.
For the Gift Bag: Iron your cut out iron-on transfer label onto your bag according to the instructions. Put the bottle inside the gift bag, and give it to some lucky man! :)

DIY Aftershave

That’s it! Simple, and effective :)

I hope you’ll enjoy making/using this beautiful, all-natural aftershave! And more importantly – I hope someone you know will love using it! :)

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24 Merry Days 2013

November 27, 2013 | Christmas

Hello hello :)

I know this is normally Workspace Wednesday Day, but I have some really exciting news for you! I’m going to be participating in 24 Merry Days again this year – YAY!


If you aren’t familiar with 24 Merry Days, you’re in for a treat. It’s the brainchild of Audrey from This Little Street, and is a huge giveaway bonanza involving 24 fabulous bloggers from around the world, and 24 fabulous (and I mean FAB-U-LOUS) prizes. Seriously, wait till you hear some of the prizes you’ll have the chance to win this year!

The way it works: Each day from the 1st – 24th December, one blogger will be giving away a prize on their blog, and you’ll have a week to enter each one. My giveaway will be held on SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER, so make sure you’re ready!!

Because it’s fun to spread the love (and because I don’t want you to miss any of these fab Giveaways!), I’ll also be blogging about the other daily Giveaways happening on each of the other blogs – so you can not only go in the chance to win some great prizes, but you can also find some new and amazing blogs to read while you’re at it!

24 Merry Days giveawaysSpeaking of the prizes, get a load of what you’ll have the chance to win this year: a Bike (yes, a BIKE) from Public Bikes, a $500 gift certificate from Poppin, a pair of shoes from Swedish Hasbeens, an entire wall of art from Artfully Walls, $500 worth of beautiful dishes from Mud Australia, and a $250 gift card from Anthropologie. AND that’s just to name a few! Exciting or what?!

For more information and to keep up with the giveaways, head over to the 24 Merry Days website. I’ll be back with the first giveaway this coming Sunday! You won’t want to miss it :)

DIY Cement Ornaments

November 26, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

DIY Cement Ornaments

I really enjoyed working with cement for this votive DIY I did a while ago, and have been trying to think of a way to use it again in a new way.. and then these decorations popped into my head! Perfect! Don’t you think they’d look great hanging on a Christmas tree? They’re super cute, and so so easy – you could make them in any shape you like (as long as you can find the mould!).

DIY Cement Ornaments

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Disposable cup
– Stirring stick (disposable)
– Vaseline
– Candle mould
– Drinking straw
– Cement Powder (from the local hardware store – just the base material, there are no rocks or sand added)

Step 1.
Use a brush (or fingers) to apply a thin coat of vaseline inside of each moulds.

DIY Cement OrnamentsStep 2.
Put some of the dry cement powder into the disposable cup (fill about 1/3 of the cup). Gradually add water to the powder, stirring as you go (with the disposable stick), until you reach the consistency of melted ice cream.

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 3.
Transfer some of the cement mixture into the moulds, and gently tap the mould against a table to spread the cement. Add more cement until it’s full, and keep tapping the mould to release any air bubbles.

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 4.
Leave the mould to dry. Once it’s been drying for 1/2 an hour – an hour, cut the straw into pieces (longer than the depth of the cement you just poured). Carefully push a length of straw into the top of each ornament until it’s touching the bottom – this will become the hole for the ribbon. Now you’ll want to leave the ornaments to dry over night.

DIY Cement OrnamentsStep 5.
After the ornaments have dried overnight, carefully pull them out of the mould. Twist the straw out, and don’t worry if it’s not a clear hole the whole way through. Now leave them to dry for another day. Sorry, I know it’s long, but it’s necessary!

DIY Cement Ornaments

Step 6.
Now that your ornaments are fully dry, use some sandpaper to sand both sides and smooth off the edges. If the hole isn’t quite open, use a drill to carefully drill through the cement and open it up.

Tie some ribbon through the hole, and hang your brand new ornament on the tree! :)

DIY Cement Ornaments

DIY Cement Ornaments

Although I really love the beautiful simplicity of the ornaments above, I also thought some gold could be nice too! So I bought a gilding kit, and got to work :) I’ve never gilded anything before, but with the right tools it was quite easy! And very effective – just follow the instructions that come with the kit you buy. This kit is the one I bought.

DIY Cement Ornaments DIY Cement Ornaments

Soooo pretty don’t you think?! And easy too. Next week I’ll show you how to make something to hang them on if you don’t have a tree, so keep an eye out for that one! :)

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FF Gift Guide for Kids

November 25, 2013 | Christmas, Guides

Hi, happy Monday! Did you all have a nice weekend?

This morning we’re doing the last of our Gift Guides – for the kiddies! I had a bit of a tricky time putting this one together if I’m honest… I don’t have any kids, and *obviously* kids range so much in age, so it was hard to narrow down my selections! There’s just so much gorgeous stuff out there for kids! I’ve tried to choose gifts for a range of ages, so hopefully there’ll be something here for everyone :)

Gift Guide Boys

1. Piccoli ‘Little Bean’ Bean Bag (Olliella)  2. Submarine Money Bank (Amazon)  3. Little Aeroplane (Incy Interiors)  4. Cubebot Micro Blue (Lilly Lolly or Amazon)  5. Hang in the Balance Board (The Land of Nod)  6. Black & White Stripe Tent (The Teepee Guy)  7. Let’s Go Camping Wall Decals (Love Mae)  8. Bats Single Quilt & Pillow Case (Kip & Co.)Gift Guide Girls

9. ‘The Ice Package’ Hair Ties (Mane Message)  10. Porcelain Bunny Lamp (Lark)  11. Floral Bomb Wonder Tent (Such Great Heights)  12. MoTex Embossing Label Maker (My Messy Room)  13. Housse de Couette Bigotte (AM.PM.)  14. Pony String Lights (Urban Outfitters)  15. Awesome Canvas Purse (Lark)  16. Pixie Mint Wooden Toy Camera (Twig)