3 tech solutions to start the New Year right!

January 8, 2016 | Guides, Personal


I’m a few days late, but – Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and New Year and are ready to start the year fresh. I certainly am!

Do you have any New Years resolutions? I don’t normally make any, but this year I made a few. Mostly just acknowledging a few things I’ve been wanting to focus on for a while now. They’re not hard and fast resolutions, but just things I’d like to work on and be more conscious about in my everyday life. Nothing groundbreaking here I’m afraid, I think everyone’s probably made these resolutions at some point!

Here’s what they are:

– Get back on track with a budget
– Be more active – choose to get up and move, do something every day.
– Be more organised with dinners and groceries
– Don’t let toxic thoughts rule the mind… be positive :)
– Spend less time looking at my phone – maybe delete Facebook for a while?

Some of these – like looking at my phone less – are things I just have to do. But in order to achieve some of the other things, I’ve turned to good ol’ technology for help. And there are some AMAZING apps and programs and videos out there now. So many.

So I thought I’d share with you my favourite 3 tech solutions that I’ve been using to help me get on board with my resolutions above. Here we go…

Solution: You Need A Budget
Cost: Free 34 day trail, $5/m after that (or $50/yr)

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget App

This wonderful program makes keeping a budget actually kinda fun. Well, maybe not FUN, but not as dull and boring as most budgets can be. I’m using it every day and it’s working! Once you’ve signed up, you can use the software on your computer, or download the handy-dandy app that will allow you to put in your income/expenses on the fly. Mostly we use it to track how much we’re spending, and being able to enter it on our phones as we go means we’re not guessing later or digging through the bin for receipts.

Solution: Yoga with Adriene
Cost: FREE!

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene

You guys, I really love this chick. Not only is she funny and totally down to earth, she has a very well-stocked youtube channel with every kind of yoga flow you could think of – and it’s all totally free. I’m really not very good at yoga, but Adriene makes you feel capable no matter what level.. which makes me feel less embarrassed (in my own home??) and awkward. Check out the 30 days of yoga with Adriene, or Yoga Camp if you want to start a regular yoga habit, or any of the other videos really, they’re all fab. I’ve been doing yoga camp and so far I’m sticking with it! :)

Solution: Wunderlist
Cost: Free (though you can pay to upgrade)



This is one of those genius apps that I’ve been using for a little while now, and couldn’t live without. I’m not using it to it’s full capacity I don’t think, but for what I want, it works like a charm. My husband and I have both installed it and were able to create a shared list (called “Groceries”) that we can both see on our phones. It updates instantly, which means we’re both able to add items that we need as we think of them, and subtract them off the list as we buy them. And because we’re both seeing the same list, it’s super up-to-date, and there’s no confusion. Brilliant!

There we go, my top 3 tech recommendations to start off 2016 :)

What tech have you been using? Would love some more recommendations!


  1. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for the info on yoga camp, it’s exactly what I need but didn’t know I needed it! I’m wondering if you previously used Evernote and, if so, how you would compare Wunderlist. Keeping organized (or pretending to, anyway) is one my favorite things, so always looking for new tools.

    • ffadmin

      Hey Lisa! Isn’t yoga camp great?! So glad you’ve checked it out! As for Evernote and Wunderlist, I actually haven’t used Evernote before, but my husband tells me it’s a much more in-depth way to store and collate things – articles, websites you want to remember, photos etc., where as Wunderlist is just more about making lists you can check off and be reminded about. He said for a shopping or to-do list (which is what we use Wunderlist for), Evernote would be overkill. But if you’re looking to keep track of articles/websites you’ve seen, or wanting to write paragraphs of text on the go and be able to access them from all devices, Evernote would be the way to go. Hope that helps! :) Happy organising! x

  2. Eb

    Ooh I’ve been doing yoga with adrien too!! She is awesome isn’t she!? I’ve gotten a little behind I’m the last couple of weeks, but it’s a really nice habit to get into.
    I too had “be more positive and see the bright side” on my list, as well as Take more time for myself and budget better.. the usual right! I’ve been using Andromoney for budgeting which isn’t bad, but wunderlust for groceries sounds great! I’m always leaving the list at home! ! Thanks for the tips xoxo