A Festive Round-up

November 29, 2011 | Inspired by...

As a follow-up from my Bauble DIY last week, I thought it might be fun to put together a collection of other Christmas DIY’s from around the web, so you can all get your craft on! Go – do it now!

Clockwise from top left…

1. Fantastic *neon* Christmas tree ornaments from Young House Love

2. Felt Shingle Tree by Scissor Variations (via here)

3. Foil Baking Cup DIY wrapping by Hey Look (via here)

4. Hand Painted Bauble by Aesthetic Outburst (via here)

5. DIY Christmas Ornaments by Fancy House Road (via here)

6. DIY Burlap Gift Bows by For the Love of Blog Therapy (via here)


  1. I am feeling very crafty and inspired right now. I think I need to head to Michael’s and buy lots of goodies!

  2. Hi!
    We love your blog and would love to see some of your work on craftgawker.com. Hope you’ll submit! Happy New Year!