A little introduction…

August 29, 2014 | Baby, Personal

Eeeee! Our new little fellow has arrived!

Meet Arlo :) He made his entrance into the world the Sunday before last and we couldn’t be more in love.

Arlo1 Arlo2

At the moment we’re taking the time to settle into our new routine (read: sleep all day, party all night – exhausted has taken on a new meaning!) and are thoroughly enjoying getting to know our little man. He’s already changed so much from when he was born, so we’re trying to just soak up this newborn phase while it lasts! :)


  1. Love, love, love, LOVE this! Aaah I wish I could come and give you guys a big big hug…

  2. Congratulations on your new arrival! He looks adorable, lovely name too! x

  3. Huge congratulations!! Welcome to the new baby boy! Enjoy this amazing time!

  4. Oh my, congrats! he’s adorable :)
    my little guy is 12 weeks now and how time has flown!!!!

  5. Kim B.


  6. Ooooooooh congratulations! He is so adorable! Enjoy this new little guy :) Kisses from Argentina♥

  7. Congratulations ! Welcom Arlo !

  8. CONGRATULATIONS CLAIRE – Big hugs from Fiji!

  9. You have such a pretty blog and these photos are so sweet, I’m from Singapore too! :)

  10. SO many congratulations! Love the name, enjoy this time- I’m sure you’ve heard, but it flies!

  11. Congratulations! He’s adorable. Enjoy your family time!
    xo hope

  12. Jillian


    Btw, you are a genius! I just recently discovered your DIYs. Thank you!

    Fellow DIY-er from Malaysia!

  13. Anna

    Oh, so sweet. I have an Arlo, too. It is a great name!

  14. He must be almost two months now, but it’s never too late for congratulations! He’s adorable, and has such a lovely name!

  15. congrats! fab photos!

  16. Great news, congratulations! :)

  17. oh happy happy you !
    For no reason, it was long time ago my last visit to your beloved blog. And today, don’t know why, i though of you. And what a surprise ! Congratulations !!
    And Have A Happy New Year 2015.
    Love !