A video for your weekend

January 18, 2013 | Video


I own 4 Oliver Jeffers books, and I don’t even have any kids! I adore them, completely, and could just read them over and over again. I actually get teary reading the end of ‘Lost and Found‘.. not many kids books can do that to me!

I was so happy to come across this video of how Oliver Jeffers goes about creating his books.. it’s totally quirky and fun, exactly how the books are. Fabulous!

Have a wonderful weekend, see you back here Monday :)

Found via Swiss Miss.


  1. Love his work as well. I read a great interview not so long ago, i can’t remember where. I can find it if you like.

  2. This is such a good video to watch! Especially when one is busy drawing and trying hard to meat deadlines like myself at the moment! :-) whish it was also so organinsed around here too ;-) thanks for sharing? And I will look into this guy’s work too, they look grat for my little boy.

  3. Lea Anna

    Oh my goodness. I’ve loved Oliver’s work for a while now and each time I learn more about him I seem to love him even more. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Raychel

    I love him. So great. I saw that video pop up on Sarah Jane’s site and thought it was so fun. Made me want to break out the sketchbook and pastels.

  5. He’s my favorite! I just bought “Lost and Found” a week ago!