Arlo’s Nursery

February 6, 2015 | Baby, Personal

Yesterday I showed you some of my inspiration for Arlo’s nursery, and today I wanted to share how it turned out. I’m no interior decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but here we go ;)

Arlo's Room

We’d been very generously gifted the Stokke Cot, the blue Eames Elephant, the teddies, and loads of books from family and friends, so we used those as the starting point. We knew we wanted a touch of mid-century modern, so we bought this beautiful sideboard (from here in Singapore) that we’re using as a change table and storage. I love it! Not only the look, but also because we can very easily use it elsewhere later down the track.

Please excuse the slightly ill-fitting change mat cover… I couldn’t find one here so decided to make my own. I didn’t have a pattern to follow, and it shows haha.

Arlo's Room

These three bears are very special to us. They have personalities and each have a story. The awesome Dinosaur print by Corby Tindersticks was a gift from a lovely friend of mine.

Arlo's Room

My wonderful Mum came over to Singapore before Arlo was born and we spent the week sewing up a storm. One of the things we made were the organiser boxes above (I saw them first on my friend Julia’s blog). They’re so super handy! The pattern is from Noodlehead and you can find it here if you’d like to make some too.

Arlo's Room

The mobile above the change mat was one I made years ago, and I was thrilled to finally have the perfect place to hang it. Arlo adores it, he could watch it for hours :)

Even though it’s only a small room, we really love how it’s turned out. The only thing we weren’t able to fit in comfortably was a chair, but for now I just nurse in our bedroom. Hopefully this will become a space that Arlo will enjoy as he gets older too :)

If there’s anything I’ve missed out and you’d like to know where we got it, please just let me know! I’ll do my best to answer. You can find some of the items in this post.


  1. Mary

    Looks terrific! I love it! He loves his change table time – well done Mum and Dad! x

    • ffadmin

      Thanks honey bunch! :) xxx

  2. Hi! I love your nursery. It turned out so cute- clean, simple and perfect for a baby boy. I am putting together for my little guy (my due date is two weeks away) as we speak. Here is my inspiration:
    I was wondering where your lamp came from- I love it!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Lita! Oh wow congratulations and good luck! What an exciting time :) The lamp is actually just from Ikea – Here’s a link to it (the base and shade are separate): Hope that helps and all the best for the birth of your little man! x

  3. Nic

    It looks gorgeous! I love the little fabric baskets. I am going to have a go at making some myself, I have just the fabric for the job!


    • ffadmin

      Thanks Nic! I’d love to see the ones you create, they’re so handy! xx

  4. So beautiful, lovely.

  5. Love the room! Just precious and the perfect amount of space for him to grow. :) The baskets that you made are awesome.