April 9, 2012 | Personal, Wedding

Hello lovely friends! I’m baaaack.. and what an incredible month away I’ve had :)

I’ll go into more depth in another post (once the photos are back!), but in the mean time let me just say that the wedding went beautifully. For all the months that it took to plan, it went by in such a blur that I can’t believe it’s over! Even so, we’re going to have some of the most wonderful memories to look back on from our day.. everything was perfect!

In the weeks leading up to the day, we had the most horrific weather – rain, fog, wind, cold – and we were coming up with contingency plans left, right and centre.. only for us to wake up on the wedding day to find not a cloud in sight. Nothing but sunshine and warmth for the entire day. The photo above was a little sneak peek I was given from our fabulous photographer Bec.. more photos to come soon – I can’t wait!

And the honeymoon.. well.. you’ve seen the photo! It was all clear skies and turquoise water.. :) I’m glad we took lots of photos.. I might need to look back on them this week as I get over the post-honeymoon blues! Like this one.. this was my view this time last week:

Tough life, right? ;)

So while I adjust back into regular life, I’d also like to send out a huge thank you to Donaville and Aude for keeping the blog going while I was away. I’m sure you’d all agree that they did an amazing job!


  1. LOVE!!!!! Love, love, love, love!! And LOVE you! x

  2. Bianca

    Welcome back! Beautiful wedding photo – can’t wait to see the rest! And the honeymoon – gorgeous!

  3. This is my first visit on your blog, but I love it already.
    Love your writing and that picture is like a fairy tale!
    Congratulations on your wedding :)

    Definitely gonna follow you.

    Love, Sari

    • ffadmin

      Welcome, Sari! Lovely to have you here :)

  4. What an amazing photo… so much love in your eyes… I can’t wait to see the rest; it promises to be absolutely amazing!!
    And the honeymoon… well… let’s just say that from rainy Maastricht it looks like a piece of HEAVEN! :-)

    Welcome back into regular life!

  5. I know I’ve seen your blog before, but recently just stumbled on to it again. Congrats on your wedding! Love your photos and your blog/shop! :-)