Baking baking…

April 13, 2014 | Personal

Why hello there poor neglected blog, and to you, wonderful, wonderful friends (are you still out there?). It’s been a little while!

I truly didn’t intend for it to be quite so long between posts, but I’m afraid everyday life’s just been taking up all the space in my mind lately! And sometimes everyday life just needs to be given my full attention.. know what I mean? It’s been a crazy year so far, and is only set to get crazier!

You see, for the past little while I’ve been working on something very important. Those following along on Instagram have already had a sneak peek, but I’ve been doing a little baking! Baking of a new little bun…

Bun baking in progress...

I’m currently at 20 weeks – half way, baby! I’ve been really lucky so far with my pregnancy… I’ve hardly had any morning sickness, no cravings, no crazy senses. Just a lot of fatigue and constant hunger! But always for all the wrong foods (muffin pig-out happening here every morning).

We’ve been terrible at remembering to take bump photos (bad first-time-parents!) but we did manage to take this one this morning to mark the half way point. It’s the first time I’ve put on a tight top in weeks, and it kinda shocked me to see how big the bump looks! This is where all my friends who have had kids laugh at me because I’m sure this is nothing compared to how big it’s going to get! The top button of my pants has been undone for weeks too, but I’ve managed to cover that one up fairly successfully so far ;)

So I hope you guys are all doing well, and I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, I really miss blogging! I’ll do my best to keep you posted on the growing bun over the coming weeks/months.. exciting times ahead! :)

C x


  1. Congratulations! This is a very sweet photo. You are about to embark in the most amazing journey ;) Enjoy your pregnancy, I also had an uneventful pregnancy,very thankful for that ;)

    • ffadmin

      Thanks Ursula! It’s all so surreal! I’m just thankful I’ve had it pretty good so far – I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have horrible morning sickness.

  2. Ana

    Oh congrats, absence forgiven :-)!

    • ffadmin

      Haha – thanks Ana! :)

  3. Very beautiful! We are so happy to hear that you are doing well! Keep the good job! Lots of love from Switzerland!

    • ffadmin

      Thank you Maryline :) Love to you both from Singapore xx

  4. heodeza

    Love, love, love this.

    • ffadmin

      Thanks lovely! :) xx

  5. Congratulations Claire! All the best :) x

    • ffadmin

      Thank you Louise! So kind of you :)

  6. Bianca

    This is pretty much the loveliest thing ever! Claire, you look beautiful. I can’t believe you’re half way! Sending so much love to you xxx

  7. Congratulations! Baking deserves your full attention- it’s a lot of work (but so so worth it). Glad to have you back :)

  8. Such a beautiful photo! Happy days! :))

  9. Anneli

    Congrats, Claire! Wish you all the best for the upcoming weeks and months. I’m 8 weeks ahead ;)

    Great you’re back!

  10. Nic

    Oooh half way, how exciting! I’ve been wondering how you were going with it all – good to see you back on the blog :)