My new JORD Wood Watch!

July 6, 2015 | Fashion, Inspired by..., Loving..., Wear it!

Disclaimer – JORD kindly gifted me this watch to wear, test, and become acquainted with. However, all opinions are my own :)

Check my new watch! A friend of mine has a wood watch that I admire every time she wears it, so when the lovely people at JORD got in touch about reviewing one of their watches,  I jumped at the chance! I mean, just look at this beauty…

Jord Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watch

After a (very) lengthy peruse of their shop, I chose to go with the Ely Series in Natural Green and Maple, and was blown away – not only by how cool the watch itself was, but oh my – the packaging! It comes in it’s own little wooden box, complete with protective cushion, extra links, and a cleaning cloth. It feels very.. thoughtful.. and I like that.

Luckily for me, it arrived just hours before I was due to head to Melbourne for a girls weekend (best time EVER!), which presented the perfect opportunity to test this baby out. Melbourne is freezing at this time of year, so I pared it with jeans, boots and a navy pea coat which worked beautifully. Somehow it kinda added that little bit of natural earthy-ness and warmth (as strange as that may sound).

Jord Wood WatchJord Wood Watch

So fun! Thanks to JORD for letting me test out the Ely – I love it :)

You can find loads of other designs and styles (for both men and women!) over in the JORD shop – the lovely folks there even offer a sizing service so your watch will arrive ready-to-wear.. how cool is that?!

…And because no post is complete without Arlo making an appearance, this is how photoshoots go down in our house these days ;-)

Arlo v. Watch

Wooden Watch Men

Out In Style: Honeymoon

April 2, 2012 | Fashion

Hi all!

As you know, I’m currently soaking up the sun on an island – honeymoon style! Naturally that calls for a sunny, beachy fashion post so you can all get in the honeymoon spirit too :)

Here’s two looks I’ve put together that (to me at least) say ‘beach honeymoon’ – relaxed, light, but still chic. Oh how I wish I could own that bikini!

Clockwise: Top, Sunglasses, Bikini, Shorts, Belt, Shoes

Clockwise: Shirt, Scarf, BagBelt, ShortsWatchSwimsuit

Out in Style: NYE 2012

December 29, 2011 | Fashion

I came across this beautiful, glittery, plum dress while I was searching for some New Years Eve inspiration.. and I must say, I love it. I’ve never owned anything that sparkles like this dress does, but on New Years Eve, it’s all about the sparkle. So with that in mind, I’ve used this dress as the inspiration for two looks.. the first for anyone partying the night away in a cold climate, and the second for anyone (like me) who will be seeing in the New Year sweating it out in a warm climate.

Clockwise from top left: Cardigan, Sequins Dress, Nail Polish, Tights, Pumps, Clutch.

Clockwise from top left: Earrings, Sequins Dress, Two-Faced Clutch, Pumps, Nail Polish

Nail It: safety-cone orange

December 2, 2011 | Fashion

No matter how many times I’ve tried to photograph my toes these last couple of days, I just haven’t been able to capture how unbelievable wild this colour is! It’s seriously bright. Neon. Electric. I love it. I get a smile on my face every time I look down at my safety-cone orange toes :)

 In other news, if you’d be so kind as to look to your right you’ll see a couple of new links just waiting for you to click on! The first is the subscribe to RSS link.. and the second is Twitter. I’ve been resisting twitter since it began, mostly because I just don’t get it.. but I’ve finally taken the plunge and would love to see you there! So click on over and say hi! :)

Out in Style: at the Zoo

November 7, 2011 | Fashion

Wow, is it really Monday again already?? It’s a public holiday here today so it still feels like the weekend to me :) We had a nice weekend of not doing too much.. exploring a few areas of Singapore that we hadn’t quite made it to yet, drinking coffee and sitting in the park.

We had a visitor here last week, and I got to go to the zoo for the third time in as many months. I don’t mind though, the Singapore zoo is particularly good and a nice way to spend the day! Unfortunately though, I haven’t learnt anything from the first 2 times I’ve been there, and wore the wrong shoes. I had blisters before I’d even set foot inside the zoo which made the rest of the day pretty hard on my feet. I’m notorious for that though.. my feet seem to blister just looking at certain shoes, and I still put them on and walk for hours.. then wonder why my feet are red raw and throbbing by the end of it!

So today I thought I’d put together an outfit for the next time I go to the zoo. I tried on my first pair of Tom’s recently and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were.. I didn’t buy them though because I wasn’t so fussed on the pattern, but these silver Moroccan-style ones I love. If you don’t know the story of Tom’s you can read about it here.. there are lots of replicas out there now, but if you’re going to buy some make sure you get Tom’s because they give a pair of their shoes to a person in need every time you buy a pair. Oh and they’re also making eyewear now too!

Clockwise from top left: Tom’s Classic 201 Sunglasses, La Sardina Camera (Möbius), H&M Shirt, Sigg Classic Bottle, H&M Denim Shorts, Tom’s Silver Morocco Shoes, Baggu Backpack