Just can’t help myself..

January 20, 2012 | Inspired by..., Personal

I know you’ll all be familiar with this darling wedding because I posted about it a couple of months ago.. but the very talented Bec Johnson has just posted the professional photos, and I can’t resist sharing them. They’re so touching. Wonderful. Special. And capture the day perfectly.

I can’t wait for Bec to do our Wedding photos too :)

All photos posted with the permission of Bec Johnson.

Inspired by the rain

January 9, 2012 | Inspired by...

It’s monsoon season here in Singapore, which means it usually rains in some capacity every day. Because of this, one should really carry an umbrella at all times – just in case. Somehow, I always manage to forget and have consequently ended up getting drenched on a number of occasions.. you’d think I’d learn, right? I generally don’t mind getting the odd drenching because the weather is so warm, it’s when you have to go into air conditioning that it becomes a problem! Maybe if I had a prettier umbrella it would help me remember to take it?

Clockwise from top left: Orla Kiely Multi Stem Microslim Umbrella, Top Shop Floral Print Walker Umbrella, Marimekko Umbrella, Top Shop Cream Sprinkled Leopard Crook Umbrella, Orla Kiely Acorn Cup Minilite Umbrella, Jumbo Black Golf Umbrella, Marc Jacobs Panthera Umbrella,  Bella Umbrella Pagoda


January 5, 2012 | Inspired by...

So I was just looking around for some ideas of how to start fresh and feel organised, and came across this awesome DIY for a wall calendar by Stylizimo. A lot of the calendars I’ve found don’t give you any space to write in, so this idea is brilliant! If only I wasn’t renting so I could paint all over the walls..

Photo and DIY found on Stylizimo.