Listening to… Chiddy Bang

November 2, 2012 | Listening to

I love listening to music! While I work, while I clean, while I cook..

Working from home means I pretty much listen to music all day every day – which is great!… but it also means I get tired of my music fairly quickly, when it’s just the same songs going over and over.

So I’m in dire need of some new tunes, and would like your help! Tell me, which artists are you loving right now? 

While you think on that.. here’s a cheery song to send us into the weekend :)

PS. I’m off on a little adventure for the next week! We’re heading to Australia for the wedding of a dear friend, and to spend some time with my family… but don’t worry, it will be business as usual here on the blog. I will also be taking some calendars with me, so if you buy one it’ll be shipped from Australia :)

See you back here soon! x