Photo Op: Sea simple

October 13, 2011 | Photography
We’ve got another one of Mary’s gorgeous Photo Ops this morning! If only we could all look this good while riding on the bow of a boat, all wind-swept and king-of-the-world like…

  • I’m really excited that Mary’s even gone and found you all a yacht to buy.. nice work Mare! This pretty pic is from Jcrew, found via Bloom.

Friday Fix-It : 01

September 16, 2011 | Photography

Even though I don’t consider myself a photographer, I really love taking photos! I get such satisfaction out of taking a great shot and knowing it was all me.

Something else I love? Photoshop Actions :)

I’m certainly no hot-shot at Photoshop either, so Actions have become my best friends. For anyone interested, a simple google search will turn up plenty of free actions, and also plenty you can buy. I’ve been using Totally Rad Actions for a while now, and have just started using RadLab, which I can’t recommend highly enough! Talk about a great idea :)

So because I’m still learning, and I hate to learn alone, I thought I’d post my action ‘Recipes’ every now and then for anyone else out there that’s interested in seeing what actions can do!

Photo by Claire Dalgliesh

This is a photo I took of my dear friend Christine and her little boy Vincent. And here’s the recipe:

Recipe (using RadLab):

Flare Up 55%
Get Faded Winter 53%
Contrast 62%
Claire-ify 23%
Lights On 57%

Photo Op: party pants and striped accents for under $150

September 9, 2011 | Photography

Here at Fellow Fellow we take pride in being a bit thrifty every now and then.. especially when fashion is concerned. I’ll admit that I do have a couple of pieces in my wardrobe that I probably paid too much for (and I love them accordingly), but there’s nothing quite like getting a bargain.

I’ve therefore enlisted the help of my fashionista friend Mary to help us pull together some outfits on a budget. Using a fashion photo as inspiration, the idea will be to get a similar look for less. First up is this photo from Emerson Made. As much as we LOVE Emerson Made, it’s a little out of our price range (not to mention only in the US). In each of the circles above you’ll find a link to Mary’s picks so you too can have this look, for under $150! Thanks Mare!