Bloesem Classes

April 17, 2014 | Screen Printing, Singapore

Hold onto your hats, people! It’s the second post in a week – I’m on fire.

Bloesem Shop

I just wanted to stop in and share something super cool with any of you lucky ducks that, like me, live here in Singapore. Do you know Bloesem Blog? Of course you do! (And if you don’t.. get on it!). Well, Irene Hoofs, author of Bloesem Blog (and possibly the nicest person you’ll ever meet) has opened the sweetest little shop right here in Singapore, aptly named, Bloesem Creative Space. It’s devine. Seriously, go there.

Bloesem Shop

Well, not only is Irene selling some gorgeous goodies from her shop, she’s also hosting Classes – run by some very exciting people flown in from all around the globe. I’m not kidding – every single class that comes out has my name on it.



Let’s see… This coming month alone: Screen Printing with Lisette Scheers (I’m already signed up!), Food Photography and Styling with Elodie Bellegarde (Yes please!), and no less than two different workshops with the blogging genius that is Erin Loechner (The Secrets to Blogging Success, and One Stop Social Media Class). I’m SO excited to see this many fantastic workshops happening all in one place.


So if you live in Singapore too, and would like to learn something new in a really cool environment with extra awesome people (adjectives ahoy!) I’d highly recommend checking out Bloesem Classes. And if you just want to check out the space first – I’d recommend that too (have a chat with Irene and her sweet staff while you’re there, they couldn’t be more welcoming. OR check out their online shop!).

Bloesem Classes


National Day 2013

August 12, 2013 | Personal, Singapore

Hi guys! How was your weekend?

We were lucky enough to have had a 4 day weekend, how great is that?! Honestly, all weekends should be 4 days long. We had Thursday off for Hari Raya, and Friday was Singapore’s 48th Birthday (National Day). Singapore marks it’s birthday every year with a huge parade around Marina Bay, but seeing as we didn’t have tickets we took a walk up to Henderson Waves Bridge to watch the jets and helicopters flying around instead. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we were even lucky enough to have the helicopters carrying giant Singaporean flags fly directly over us. Awesome!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Thanks for making us so welcome over the past couple of years.. we love it here! :)

Singapore National Day Singapore National DayJust a few photos we took while we were up on the bridge (see the bridge in the last photo). Such a great view!

MT Exhibition & Shop

July 30, 2013 | Singapore

MT Exhibition Singapore

Did you know that the fabulous washi tape company MT are holding an exhibition and shop here in Singapore right now?! I only found out about it late last week, so on Sunday Dave and I went to check it out. I had no idea what to expect going in, but figured they couldn’t go too wrong with all that amazing masking tape! And I wasn’t disappointed – I quickly found myself in complete awe of all the bright stripes covering the walls and floor, and the endless supply of cool ideas! I was especially taken with the new MT Casa tapes, which are wider than usual for use in your home (like wallpaper!).

They also had a workshop station where you could use their tapes to make postcards. Overall, it’s was a really fun experience!

I’d highly recommend :)


(Sorry the photos aren’t too great, I only had my phone and the light wasn’t amazing!)

You can check out the MT exhibition in Singapore until the 11th August, 2013 at ION Art Gallery (Level 4). It’s totally free, but good luck leaving without purchasing something!

Here were my spoils of the day ;)

MT TapesI’m planning on putting them to good use in a little DIY or two in the coming weeks! :)


Forgotten Photos 2 – Puddles

November 6, 2012 | Photography, Singapore

I came across some more forgotten photos a few days ago.. also not super old, but still forgotten :)

These ones are from a trip we did to Garden’s by the Bay here in Singapore with some friends, who wanted to see the big metal trees at night. It had been raining most of the day, but we ventured out after dinner one evening to find the park completely empty, the air nice and cool, and plenty of puddles for me to have fun with :)

These first two photos are more of an overview of the whole area to give you an idea of just how special it looks at night..

At one point I happened to look down and notice that the lights from the trees were being reflected in the puddles, and from then on I walked around with my head down, searching for good puddles :)

Cool huh? I’m not sure I’ll ever use the photos for anything, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless!

My Singapore: Arab Quarter

October 23, 2012 | Singapore

A while ago now, Dave and I took a wander around the Arab Quarter, photographing as we went. I think I must have been tired at the time, but I don’t feel like the photos I took really represent how great an area of Singapore this is. I always love exploring the Arab Quarter, and think there’s so much greatness to be found there. I think I’ll have to go back another time soon and try to capture it in a way that better reflects how I feel when I’m there.

So, let’s go ahead and call this Part 1 of the Arab Quarter.. Part 2 will come another time :)

At one point we came across a very old yellow telephone booth out the front of a house/office, that was acting as the hiding spot of a very sweet little kitty with beautiful eyes.

The following photos were taken in Arab Street (known for it’s fabrics, carpets, beads and ribbons), and Haji Lane – one of my favourite streets in Singapore :)