Weekend that was (08-09.09.12)

September 10, 2012 | Singapore, Weekend that was

We had some good friends visiting for the weekend, and had a great time showing them around the city and eating loads of awesome food :)

Photos are from our satay dinner one night, walking around the Marina Bay area, and exploring the new Gardens by the Bay. It had been raining earlier in the night, so the gardens were almost empty, making it such a quiet and peaceful experience.. you could almost forget where you were!

My Singapore: Katong

August 1, 2012 | Singapore

Yet another favourite place of mine to visit in Singapore is Katong, although I struggle to find the words to explain why. I think it has something to do with the culture.. the feeling. The centre of Katong (Cnr Joo Chait Rd and East Coast Rd) is a bustling hotspot, full of every kind of restaurant and cafe you could want – from local street food, to upmarket restaurant, to funky cafes, and is a great place to grab a coffee and just watch the world go by.

After meeting my new friend Wynona and doing exactly that, we went and explored some of the side streets around the Katong area. Along with an exceptionally cool antique shop, what we found were some of the loveliest old Shop Houses and to-die-for terrace-style houses I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to live in one so badly! Granted, they were not the most well preserved houses around, but they had so much history and character! I think that’s what I love about Katong in general actually. It has character.

All photos by Claire Dalgliesh

My Singapore: Tiong Bahru

July 5, 2012 | Singapore

One of my favourite places in Singapore so far would have to be Tiong Bahru, an old suburb that has had a bit of a revival in the last few years making it a quaint and trendy place to be. Built in the 1930’s, the Tiong Bahru housing estate is one of the oldest in Singapore, and has a distinctive art deco feel to it with it’s low-rise complexes, rounded balconies, and funky facades. I love it! It’s like stepping back in time.. art deco is totally not what I would have expected to see in Singapore :)

Because Tiong Bahru has become quite trendy, there are also now a lot of very cute cafes, restaurants, and shops springing up. No complaints here!

A few of the shops and cafes in the photos above: Social Haus, Books Actually, Nana & Bird, Forty Hands Coffee.

Photo Walkabout 24.06.12

June 22, 2012 | Singapore

Hi again everyone!

One last thing before I head off for the weekend… unfortunately this one will only apply to anyone out there reading in Singapore.

This Sunday (24th June) Dave and I will be heading to the Arab Quarter for a bit of an explore (like when I went exploring Little India, or Geylang), and thought it might be fun to open the invitation to anyone else who’d like to join. The idea will be to bring along a camera (doesn’t matter whether it’s a big digital, point-and-shoot, or film – no discrimination here!) and your walking shoes, and be ready to explore. It will be extremely casual and relaxed, with no set route or timeframe.

Note: We’re not professional photographers by any means, we just like to have fun with it so there won’t be any pressure to take awesome photos or anything! :)

If you’re at all interested, feel free to send me an email (or leave a comment below) so I can fill you in on the finer details (meeting point etc), and also so I can contact you in the case of bad weather on the day.

My Singapore: Geylang

June 6, 2012 | Personal, Singapore

Thanks to all your lovely encouragement from my Little India post, I’m back with another back-streets photo tour.. this time in Geylang. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a friend on this trip (who’s name is also Claire), and together we explored the back streets of Singapore’s main red light district.

Might sound like a bit of a strange place to want to hang out, I know, but actually during the day I wouldn’t have even suspected that’s what the area is famous for if I hadn’t already read about it. Mostly it just felt like a colourful residential area, with lots of bustling shops and restaurants (also what Geylang is known for), and maybe a slightly higher than average number of hotels. ;)

Along the way we stumbled upon the most incredible steam bun place, and after watching them being made decided to give one a go. WHOA. I still have no clue what we actually got (bit of a communication break-down there) but it was one of the best steamed buns I’ve ever had! In the middle was some pork (you can see that in the photo above), but in the middle of the pork was an egg which came as a surprise to both of us as we chowed down into our buns.. oh it was sooooo gooooood.