A little trip back home

July 11, 2013 | Personal, Photography, Travel

As some of you may know, working from home can sometimes get a little lonely. I don’t mind it most of the time (I am an introvert after all) but when the hubby goes away for a few weeks, well… it’s pretty quiet around here.

So when this happened a couple of weeks ago, I decided (with a little hint-hint, nudge-nudge from some friends and family) to book a last minute flight back home to Australia for a few days. I was apprehensive about doing it so last minute, but it was so very worth it! Not only did I get to spend some relaxed time with family and friends, I got to pull out all my winter jackets, boots, and jeans again! There’s really no need for winter clothes here in Singapore :)

Here are just a few photos I took while I was home. For the most part the weather was beautiful, and apart from a couple of days when I got sick, it was a fantastic trip.

Home! Home!

Wasn’t the weather gorgeous? I love spending time outdoors when I’m home.. :)

Goodies from Japan

May 17, 2013 | Personal, Photography, Travel

Last week Dave was away in Japan for work, and when he got home on Sunday night he unloaded his suitcase and presented me with boxes and boxes of delicious Japanese delicacies – mochi, chocolate, creme caramel from Kobe, wafer biscuits, and even a German Baumkuchen. Um, luckiest girl ever! :D

I thought I’d take some photos of them before they got scoffed by yours truly, because the packaging is just too beautiful not to. I really loved the process of opening each of these boxes.. carefully unwrapping the thick outer paper, removing the lid, taking out the pretty little info book and wooden fork, peeling back the velum, and voila – a set of delicious mochi. It really prolongs the joy of receiving such a gift, and I love that :)

Have a great weekend you guys! Seeing as I’ll have already eaten a bunch of these goodies by the time you read this, I think I’ll be doing a lot of exercise this weekend ;)

Hong Kong

March 28, 2013 | Photography, Travel

As I mentioned last week, I was lucky enough to take a quick trip up to Hong Kong for a few days a couple of weeks back, and I just thought I’d share a few photos from my time there. I spent most of the time exploring on my own (which isn’t something I’m used to doing when we travel), which turned out to be quite fun and somewhat liberating :)

I found some great areas with funky little cafes, outdoor markets, and eclectic shops, and only managed to get lost a few times (and then proceeded to look even more like a tourist by standing on a corner with my map out, rotating it in my hands a few times to try and get my bearings). It was great, I really love Hong Kong!

The cafe above was a particular favourite.. I kept walking past it just to take in the fairy lights and roses in the window, and at one point went in to rest my legs and try one of their ginger latte’s (yummy!) and saw their fabulous floor.. Noted for future house building project sometime in my life. ;)

Perth & Margaret River III

December 18, 2012 | Personal, Photography, Travel

Hi all! This will be the last post in the Perth & Margaret River series, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our photos! And maybe it will tempt you to go there yourselves one day!

After leaving Margaret River and all that delicious wine tasting, we decided to go south to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse before heading north again and back to Perth. Some of these photos are from the lighthouse, while the others are from an amazing dolphin watching tour we did in Rockingham the following day.

The dolphin tour was absolutely fantastic! As you can see, we got to get up close and personal with a whole group of dolphins before moving on and seeing sea lions, penguins, and some rare sea birds. And it was such a beautiful day…

Just look at that sky!

So that’s it from me and our trip to Perth! If you missed either of the other two posts, they can be found here and here. :)

Perth & Margaret River II

December 4, 2012 | Miscellaneous, Personal, Photography, Travel

Good morning! I thought I’d share part two of our trip to Margaret River with you this morning, just to change it up from all the Christmas stuff that’s been going on!

Most of these photos were taken in and around various wineries we went to. Actually now that I look at it – there are just 2 of the wineries here.. we visited many many more, trust me. But these two wineries were probably two of my favourites for completely different reasons.

The first one was a very small, privately run vineyard called Carpe Diem. We had to make an appointment to go and taste their wines, and their cellar door consisted of a shed in which we sat surrounded by all the wine making equipment. Even though it didn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other wineries, it was a fantastic experience being served and given the story of each wine by the wine-maker himself. It also helps that the wines were amazing!

On the other end of the spectrum was Voyager Estate (above), which was spectacular if only for the grounds alone (check out the homepage of their website!!). Sprawling green lawns, manicured gardens, roses, and of course fantastic food and wine. It was magnificent and well worth a visit.

On the way back to Perth we stopped by the Margaret River Berry Farm for some morning tea scones with jam and cream… oohhh yum. They also had a beautiful cottage garden full of the most beautiful, tiny birds! They gave us sugar so we could try feeding some, and we managed to attract some of these little honey eaters (well, I guess they’re honey eaters – they had a seriously long tongue!).

Oh what a great time we had. Just one more Perth post coming up in a couple of weeks.. I need to space them out so you don’t get tired of seeing all my photos! :)