A video for your weekend

January 18, 2013 | Video


I own 4 Oliver Jeffers books, and I don’t even have any kids! I adore them, completely, and could just read them over and over again. I actually get teary reading the end of ‘Lost and Found‘.. not many kids books can do that to me!

I was so happy to come across this video of how Oliver Jeffers goes about creating his books.. it’s totally quirky and fun, exactly how the books are. Fabulous!

Have a wonderful weekend, see you back here Monday :)

Found via Swiss Miss.

I Heart Art: Holi

May 18, 2012 | Art, Video

Since seeing this video, I’ve made a vow to myself that while I’m living in South East Asia, I must must get to India to celebrate the Holi Festival of Colours. I have heard of it before and thought that I really should get there to see it sometime, but now.. it’s an absolute must. Just watch this gem of a video.. I think you’ll understand why.

I can’t actually stop watching.. it puts such a smile on my face :)

I know this isn’t the usual ‘I heart art’ but I think you’ll agree that this video is a piece of art.. and I’m really hearting it. It was shot by Jonathan Bregel and Khalid Mohtaseb for Variable. Found on Colossal.

Inspired by… Kickstarter

December 9, 2011 | Inspired by..., Video

Hello Friday! Ready for the weekend? I am!

I thought I’d leave you with something to ponder today.. do you know about Kickstarter? It’s a wonderful initiative helping independent creative projects get off the ground by allowing budding entrepreneurs/film makers/creators to upload a video of their proposed project, and set the amount required to make their project come to life. Then everyone else (that’s you and me) pledge money to their cause in the hopes that they’ll raise enough money to see the project come to fruition. But your effort doesn’t go unrewarded.. depending on how much you pledge, the project creator also promises to give you a reward for your donation.

The best way to understand, I think, is to just head to Kickstarter and start looking through all the cool projects needing some help. A good chunk of my afternoon yesterday was spent watching videos, reading stories, and feeling inspired by all the great ideas.. here are just a couple I found and loved :)

Help to create a short film about the 70 natural parks set to close down in California.

Help ‘You Smell’ launch their beautifully packaged soap business.

Help Drew purchase materials to fulfill his idea of creating 12 quilts in 12 months, along with screen prints of the quilts.

See you Monday!

Clairey wants a little lamb…

November 11, 2011 | Video

Hooray, it’s Friday!

I thought I’d share this happy little video with you today for a bit of fun heading into the weekend… Hopefully those of you who haven’t already seen it will get a giggle out of it :)

Happy weekend!