Weekend That Was (13-14.07.13)

July 15, 2013 | Weekend that was

weekend that was!Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend?

I was sick the whole weekend with a head cold (boooo!), so it was all fairly relaxed around here. We did go to a surprise baby shower for a friend (although I didn’t stay long to minimise the risk of giving my cold to anyone else!), went to the movies, ducked in to check out new-to-me homewares store CB2, and stopped for a coffee and slice of cake.. which weirdly came out in a cage. The cake was yummy, but clearly I’m not cool enough to understand the cage thing  :-/


Weekend That Was (22-23.06.13)

June 24, 2013 | Weekend that was

weekend that was

Morning all! How were your weekends?

Turns out, mine was all about food! And that sure makes for a great weekend. It started with dinner on Saturday night with a friend who was in town for a few hours, and ended with a delicious Sunday afternoon roast and double-decker chocolate pavlova with friends. Oh man, so amazing!

Weekend that was (01-02.06.13)

June 3, 2013 | Weekend that was

Wow I can’t believe we just rolled over into June. Where did the first half of the year go, really? Does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by??

I’d thought I’d do a “weekend that was” post this morning, but when I went back and looked at the photos on my phone from the weekend, realised we didn’t actually get up to much! Weekends like that are great though.. so relaxed!

So I’m going to post a couple of photos from earlier last week too. Hope you don’t mind :)

So here’s how our fairly relaxed week went down: We ended up going out for dinner and ice cream earlier in the week to mark the 2 year anniversary of our official marriage (we signed papers a good year before having a ceremony), Friday was an incredible blue-sky day, so I took a picture of it from my office window. Not long after I took this though, the storm clouds rolled in haha.

Friday night was spent at a Birthday gathering for some friends (we had a beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands laser show as you can see in the photo!), and the last photo is a ‘selfie’ we took in the back of the cab on the way home. We also went to the movies, Skyped with some of our family and friends, and mooched around on the couch.

Ah, bliss!

Tell me, how was your weekend? x

Weekend That Was (18-19.05.13)

May 20, 2013 | Weekend that was

Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you :) How was your weekend?

We had a very relaxed couple of days that involved a nice long walk around Labrador and Harbor Front on Saturday, and a really lovely beach picnic with friends at Tanjong Beach on Sunday. I must admit I’m not normally a big beach person (my skin doesn’t like the sun much!) but this was so relaxed, lounging around on a blanket in the shade, listening to the music coming from Tanjong Beach Club and munching on yummy picnic food. I somehow still managed to get burnt on my face, even though I was in the shade the whole time. Haha *sigh* :)

Weekend That Was (20-21.04.13)

April 22, 2013 | Miscellaneous, Weekend that was

Ahh, such a great weekend! How was yours?

We had a really good friend of ours staying with us for a few days last week, which was wonderful! I got to play guide and spend some precious time with her exploring Singapore, shopping, eating the most amazing cupcakes, and chatting like only girls can. It was amazing, and has really made going back to reality a little bit difficult today! Miss you already Em!

PS. If you’re in Singapore and hankering for a little something sweet – Plain Vanilla’s Cupcakes are to die for!