Weekend that was (08-09.12.12)

December 10, 2012 | Weekend that was

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxed weekend.. I certainly did!

Along with spending a good amount of quiet time around the house, I got started on a flowery project I’ve been meaning to do for weeks, we took a trip into Little India to do some shopping and have a walk around, and on our way home we passed through the Thieves Market where Dave bought an old camera. Nothing strenuous or stressful, just a lovely quiet weekend. Oh, and we did a load of baking yesterday.. testing some recipes for Christmas. I’m one of the official taste-testers, so I’d better get back to it ;)

Weekend that was (27-28.10.12)

October 29, 2012 | Weekend that was

Well, wouldn’t cha know it.. Monday is here again. I’m not quite ready to leave my weekend behind, so lets chat about what we got up to, yeah?

Here’s what I did:

– “Helped” Dave with a little project he’s working on (and by helped, I mean I mostly just got in the way)… but who knew electrical wires could look so pretty!

– We decided to brave Orchard Road to do some shopping.. call us crazy.

– I went looking for an outfit for a wedding, and ended up finding some pants. Dang (but hooray!).

– Then we got hungry and grumpy (actually that was mostly just me), so headed up to Wheelock Place for some Skinny Pizza.. Pumpkin, goats cheese and macadamia thankyouverymuch.

– And lastly, Sunday was spent having fun with some little letters :)

So, what did you get up to?

Weekend that was (06-07.10.12)

October 8, 2012 | Weekend that was

Monday again, hey? The weeks are just flying by! Did you have a nice weekend?

Mine was lovely.. I’ve been so lucky to have my Mum visiting for the past week, so we’ve spent loads of time shopping, eating, exploring, and chatting.. it’s been really lovely to have her so close again! :)

The weekend brought a quick stop-over from my Dad (and involved a delicious dinner of roast lamb – YUM), a trip to Tanjong Pagar for coffee (where we played with some bubbles being pumped into the street), followed by a walk through China Town (it’s Lantern Festival time – can you tell?!) and finished with a feast of Satay and beer.

Such a fun weekend with family.. I hope yours was too! :)

Weekend that was (15-16.09.12)

September 17, 2012 | Weekend that was

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was a super quiet one! On Friday I caught up with a friend for lunch, had a quick wander of the shops, and spent the afternoon watching a movie which was lovely! I then spent the rest of the weekend catching up on some work and flicking through my new Pantone swatch book :)

And last but not least, I was given the really cute cardboard clock above by hubby after he got back from a work trip to Taiwan last night.. isn’t it lovely?! I’m one lucky gal :)