Words: D

September 4, 2012 | Words

The lucky letter D.. I actually created something I LOVE this time! What do you think?

It was a bit tricky to put together, but I’m so happy with the folksy outcome :)

You can find A, B, and C here.

Words: C

August 15, 2012 | Words

I sat down a few days ago to start sketching ideas for the letter ‘C’. I decided I wanted something curly and loose. In the end, I came up with the result in the photo below, but I’m not 100% happy with it. It’s lacking something.. some punch maybe. What do you think? Maybe I’ll have to try this one again sometime.

Words: B

July 31, 2012 | Words

After A comes B! And what better way to do B than with some winding, curly vines (for no reason except it came into my head as I was brainstorming ideas). And because I can’t seem to go a project without it, I also added some neon. Hope you don’t mind :)


Words: A

July 24, 2012 | Words

Well.. more like a letter, the letter A to be exact! I thought I might try creating some cool letters (along with other ‘words’ creations), and what better place to start than at the beginning? :)

Introducing, the letter A.

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