Day 8 – 24 Merry Days GIVEAWAY!

December 8, 2013 | Christmas

Helloooo! Guess what today is?! It’s our GIVEAWAY for 24 Merry Days! YAY!

And what an incredible prize I’ve got for you! One of you lucky ducks will have the chance to win this gorgeous Kilimanjaro Web Necklace from Leah Singh! Isn’t it stunning? The multi-faceted pendant has been hand-carved in bone (which is a by-product of the local farming industry of India), and is combined with a beautiful brass chain. What a statement piece! :)

Leah Singh

Excited?? Me too! And if you’d like to see even more of Leah’s gorgeous goodies, head over to her shop – she also has beautiful cushions, bracelets and earrings!

More From Leah Singh


There are loads of ways you can enter to win this gorgeous prize as you’ll see below –  so be sure to do as many as you can. And the best part – This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE. So no matter who you are and where you life – you can enter. Here are the rules:

PRIZE: 1 Kilimanjaro Web Necklace from Leah Singh

TO ENTER: We’re using Rafflecopter this year to track entries, so in the insert below you’ll see all the ways you can enter. Do as many as you can to give yourself the best possible chance!

GIVEAWAY ENDS: Midnight on Sunday 15.12.12. One winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email (please be sure to provide a valid email address!).

EXTRAS: Prize can be shipped WORLDWIDE – hooray!! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you waiting for! Get entering – and be sure to head over to Leah Singh to check out the rest of her beautiful shop, and the 24 Merry Days website to keep up with all the Giveaways currently happening!


  1. Such an amazing giveaway and so happy there is finally one for world wide. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  2. I am loving the Scarpa Peak pillow and I love that these are from India!

  3. Ildiko Toth

    this is a lovely giveaway from an amazing shop. the pillow section is also really great, thanks for that

  4. Leah

    Those necklaces are amazing, i’m torn between those and the beautiful Kantha pillows… I like the zara one in particular.

  5. this giveaway is amazing! finally one that includes us non-US or Canadian people!

  6. I love the petite triangle stud earrings (:

  7. Melissa Lowe

    The scarpa sunset pillow is pretty

  8. Angelyn See

    Love the petite heart stud pretty! :)

  9. kailey

    Love, love! Such a versatile piece!

  10. Kallirroe Chaloutsou

    Great giveaway, thank you so much! I really love the Jheel cushion!

  11. Ana

    My favorite is the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace. Stunning!

  12. finally, an international giveaway! Hooray :D
    I love Leah’s work, it’s so beautiful and unique. The Nastasja cushion is beautiful, and I also love the Kilimanjaro Arrow Necklace.

  13. Rochelle Kay

    The Aneesa Cushions (turquoise) is my favourite!

  14. Kerstin

    Yay, please send them to Germany!
    *Frohe Adventszeit*

  15. Karin s

    The love triangle bracelet is stunning,

  16. Erin
  17. Marie

    I love the petite heart earrings and the jheel pillow!

  18. Jules

    I really like the Kilimanjaro Square Necklace :)

  19. Kristina M

    i love the aneesa pillow!

  20. Jessica

    I love the Jheel pillow! So pretty!

  21. Meredith

    That geometric necklace is amazing!

  22. Amy

    Love the petite square studs.

  23. I love geometric shapes! So beautiful!

  24. Jennifer

    This is gorgeous! WANT WANT WANT. Thank you for doing this giveaway. Fingers crossed. ;0)

  25. Cindy A.

    My favorites are the Zara pillow, Love Triangle bracelet, and the giveaway prize.

  26. So cute! Great giveaway!

  27. So cute! Great giveaway. Love the Kilimanjaro Wings Necklace

  28. Karla Rosenstein

    Hard to choose one but I think I like the Kilamanjaro Web necklace best of all!

  29. Juj

    Thanks for featuring Leah Singh’s work – I was not familiar with her shop and I absolutely love it – especially the pillows. Yum!

  30. Lisa

    I love all of her pillows, it’s hard to choose just one.

  31. Molly

    I really love the web necklace, it has the perfect balance!

  32. colleen j.

    oooooh the scarpa sunset and peak pillows are amazing!!!!

  33. Veronica

    I love the stud earrings and the Jheel pillow!

  34. Andrea

    Awesome giveaway…love the necklaces

  35. Hi from Spain!!
    It’s a great idea you opened the participation this time! :D

    Merry Christmas!

  36. I adore the Jheel pillow!

  37. Anouk


  38. Milda

    Loving Petite Heart Stud Earrings! Delicate earrings are my fave. :)

  39. mae

    Love this necklace! Now to take a look at the test of her things…

  40. kelli

    so exciting! fingers crossed :)

  41. i’m so happy that this giveaway is open to readers world wide! My favorite item from the shop is the Scarpa 80s pillow!

  42. Love her rock pop earrings! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  43. Really love the Love Triangle bracelet.

  44. Amy

    I love the Archimedes Zig Zag pillow (well, that and every other thing!)

    Great giveaway and merry christmas! !

  45. Yvonne Marie

    Everything is so lovely. I love the petite stud earrings.

  46. So lovely!

  47. kim

    love the scarpa 80s pillow!

  48. Anna

    Love the Scarpa Peak pillow!!

  49. Bonnie

    I love the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace a lot, but Aneesa pillow is pretty great, too.

  50. erica

    love the necklace. would be the perfect accent to wear to an event in january.

  51. Chelsea S.

    Awesome giveaway!

  52. Nisha

    Love the Kilimanjaro Mountain Necklace!

  53. Elise


  54. courtney d

    My favorites are the heart earrings

  55. Kate

    The love triangle bangle looks great.

  56. what a great giveaway and what a gorgeous necklace!

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  58. kelsey

    the necklace is gorgeous!!

  59. The web necklace is AMAZING!!

  60. Kathleen DeSouza

    What a beautiful necklace!! Cheers to giveaways!!

  61. Love the necklace you’re giving away, and the Aneesa pillow!

  62. Love those pillows! Such a cool brand!

  63. Christa

    I also love her pillows.

  64. I love the entire Kilimanjaro line. So stunning.

  65. Sarah

    I like the Petite Triangle Stud earrings.

  66. Kathy Detweiler


  67. Love, love, LOVE that necklace! And I know exactly which bold printed shirts I’d wear it with… fingers crossed!

  68. besides this necklace, I love the throw pillows!

  69. Frenchy

    That necklace is gorgeous, love it.

  70. Scrubber


  71. …and while the Kilimanjaro Web necklace is my fave, I’m also seriously fond of the Kilimanjaro Mountains version

  72. Cate

    I love the love triangle pop rock earrings! So edgy yet understated!

  73. Beautiful! Thank you.

  74. Alex

    I’m loving the stud earrings!

  75. Jen

    I like the Love Triangle Bangle!

  76. Celeste

    While I love everything, I think my favorite is the Kilimanjaro Web necklace.

  77. This is so adorable and very unique!

  78. Really like this gift away I didn’t know this shop and I love it now especially the love triangle pop rock earrings

  79. What a super necklace. I’m sure this would be one of those you just want to wear all the time!

  80. jessicac

    I love the necklaces… and the Aneesa pillow!

  81. Chelsie

    Geometric shapes rock!

  82. Sara

    I love the necklace and all the textiles! so good!

  83. Kata

    What a beautiful collection!

  84. Shea

    I love the Scarpa 80’s pillow!!

  85. Haley W

    I love the aneesa pillow!

  86. Veronica

    Wow, those necklaces are too pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. I also adore the love triangle pop rock earrings.

  88. lynn

    The Kilamanjaro Web necklace is beautiful!!!

  89. Ashley

    I love the necklace but I’m reaaally in love with the petite heart earrings.

  90. Courtney

    Love the Scarpa pillow!

  91. I love the petite triangle earrings so much!

  92. Kat

    The Kilimanjaro is great!

  93. jmt

    The love triangle bracelet is so classy!

  94. I love the Nastasja & Scarpa 80’s pillows. Also the Killamanjaro Mountians necklace.

  95. Christine

    the Kilimanjaro necklace is beautiful and definitely a favorite!

  96. Brittany Reinhard


  97. I love the scarpa 80s pillow! :)

  98. Ali H.

    I love the Scarpa sunset pillow!

  99. Olga

    I love the Kilimanjaro Arrow Necklace

  100. Love that necklace and her store is great so many amazing pieces.

  101. […] away a gorgeous statement necklace from Leah Singh!! Enter to win this amazing piece of jewelry here or click on the banner […]

  102. I am absolutely loving the petite heart studs! Hmm, and also the squares!

  103. Michelle B

    The Scarpa Sunset is my favorite pillow in her shop! Love the necklace most of all, of course :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. The web necklace is actually my favorite! Love all the pillows too, though.

  105. GennieS

    I want the Kilimanjaro mountains necklace!

  106. LisaB

    Oh, the prize is actually my favorite piece, but second would be the PETITE TRIANGLE STUD EARRINGS.

  107. I love the Aneesa pillow in black and white.

  108. Mary Ann

    I love the petite heart earrings.

  109. I love the scarpa 80s pillow!

  110. Love the archimedes pinstrip pillow!

  111. Alex

    I am loving the cushion! Especially the Scarpa 80s – such lovely colours!

  112. Grace

    I love the rectangle kilimanjaro necklace!

  113. My favorite item from Leah Singh is actually the necklace up for the giveaway–the Kiliminjaro Web Necklace!


  114. Alice R.

    I love the 50 states necklace! Such cool statement pieces.

  115. Shanna

    I love all of the Kilimanjaro necklaces, but especially the Mountains version.

  116. The heart stud earrings are gorgeous. I would wear those all the time! Totally my style!

  117. Julija Petrushevska

    Love them all :)

  118. Julija Petrushevska

    I like the most the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace

  119. It’s all wonderful, but I love the bangle!!

  120. Maud

    This giveaway is amazing such as the rest of your blog !

  121. Niki

    What a lovely giveaway!

  122. julis

    fabolous necklace..finger crossed :)

  123. Ashley Stenberg

    I absolutely LOVE the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace!

  124. Meg T

    I also love the square studs!

  125. Shana

    I love the Scarpa Sunset pillow!

  126. deborah clark

    love triangle pop rock studs

  127. Stephanie

    So pretty!

  128. Helene S

    i love the love triangle pop rock earrings.
    and the zig zag -y pillow (black and white)

  129. May

    I love the Love Triangle Pop Rock Earrings!

  130. Carly

    Love the Zara pillow!

  131. Susan

    The necklace is amazing! I would want stud earrings to match. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Hannah Chaussee

    I love love love the Kilamanjaro square necklace. so cute!

  133. Kristin

    The necklace is stunning.

  134. Monica Rondon

    This giveaway is amazing! I love all these pieces.

  135. bj

    Beautiful necklace and all are inspiring.
    Reminds me a bit of our Opera House!!
    I’m obviously a worldwide entrant!!!

  136. Anna K

    Oh my goodness! I love this shop!! I think my favorites are the Petite Triangle Stud Earrings and the Zara rectangular pillow! Soo pretty!!!

  137. Lilli

    I love the love triangle pop rocks earings

  138. Marianne

    thanks for a great giveaway!

  139. justina

    Great necklace! Love it

  140. Amalia

    Thanks for the great giveaway! And I’m looking forward to spending more time on your blog :)

  141. Millie

    Simply stunning! My favourite is the “Love Triangle Bangle”. Thanks so for such a fabulous giveaway – my fingers and toes are firmly crossed for the prize draw!

  142. Mirna R.

    Loving the Petite Triangle Stud Earrings!

  143. Kath

    The Petite Heart Stud Earrings are GORGEOUS!!

  144. Grant

    I know my wife would love the Love Triangle Pop Rock Earrings – hoping to win her the necklace for under our Christmas tree :)

  145. Eddie

    Kilimanjaro 50 States Necklace is my pick

  146. Jenni

    Love the pillows! I could see a few of them looking really great on my couch!

  147. The “wings” necklace is my favorite, so pretty!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  148. Essa

    Petite square studs, all of the geo necklaces, and of course the Zara and Nastasja pillows!

  149. Stephanie McCloud

    I love all those beautiful necklaces the most, but everything is lovely.

  150. wefadetogray

    I love the whole store and that necklace!

  151. Wow such a cute necklace and stuff ! I wish I could have one :)

  152. Alicia

    Wow! Beautiful!

  153. Geraldyne


  154. stephanie

    the love triangle bracelet is so cute!

  155. Andree

    Beautiful!!! Such lovely stuff!

  156. amanda

    I love the “arrow” necklace!

  157. Absolutely love the necklaces!!!! Definitely my style!

  158. Lindsay

    Simple yet edgy — this would be great for both casual and dressier looks! And really digging those pillows!

  159. Love the Archimedes pillows – and definitely the necklace! Fingers crossed

  160. The long Zara pillow is my fav. :)

  161. Chelsey V.

    I like the Kilimanjaro mountain necklace the best!

  162. Amy

    So pretty!

  163. mindi

    ooh, la la! the scarpa sunset pillow is lovely!

  164. Cecilia

    Oooh, I love the Scarpa Sunset pillow!

  165. Thanks for making this a worldwide giveaway! I like the Aneesa pillow.

  166. Thao Nguyen

    Kilimanjaro Arrow Necklace has to my favorite item! Looks like the best statement necklaces ever :)

  167. taryn

    so pretty!

  168. Beka

    I love the kilamanjaro mountains necklace!

  169. The Scarpa 80’s Pillow puh-leaze!

  170. tiffany

    Love the archimedes pillow!

  171. Rachel Sloan

    the petite stud earrings make me want to get my ears pierced again. addoorree those!

  172. I’m in love with the petite triangle stud earrings. what fun! i LOVE the 24 merry days!! :)

  173. Emily

    Love the necklace and all the other goodies.

  174. Crystal C

    My favorite item in the shop is the Scarpa 80’s pillow.

  175. Nicole

    Love the square stud earrings!

  176. Love that necklace ! Pick me!!!

  177. kelli
  178. Lola Ridgley-Wagar

    Gorgeous piece!!!

  179. Lucy Ngo

    Love the Scarpa 80s pillow, and of course the necklaces as well!

  180. Love all those necklaces! Gorgeous!

  181. In love with the Nastasja pillow. Such great colors!

  182. ashley

    i love the kilmanjaro web necklace

  183. Those chevron pillows are amazing!

  184. ErinY

    I love the Aneesa pillow in black!

  185. Ella

    The web necklace, and the zara pillows! SO excited this is international.

  186. Is that part of a skull? What bone is used? What kind of animal?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Bonnie,

      As far as I know, the bone is from a buffalo (not sure which part). It’s collected as a by-product of the farming industry in India. Hope that helps!

  187. I love that necklace! Love the stud earrings and aneesa pillow too!

  188. kelli

    amazing giveaway!

  189. Beth K

    I love the Kantha pillows! Thanks for the giveaway!

  190. Chantelle C

    Such a stunning necklace – great giveaway!

  191. Annette

    all the stud earrings and the zara pillow are my favorite! everything’s exquisite!

  192. I love the Zara pillow!

  193. Anita

    “ARCHIMEDES RECTANGLE” is my favourite!!!

  195. Emilie LG

    So cool it’s open to international readers !!!
    I’m in love with the Aneesa pillows :-)

  196. Nina

    The Kilimanjaro web necklace is precisely my favourite item, so this giveaway is perfect!

  197. Brittany

    Love the necklace!

  198. jackie

    the jewelry is amazing but I also love the Archimedes pillow in zig zag

  199. Melissa

    The jheel pillow is so cute! All of the necklaces are stunning as well…they would make such a great statement piece around the holidays…thank you! :)

  200. Christine

    Love the Love Triangle bangle!

  201. What a great necklace!

  202. Mollie


  203. Kimberly Smith

    I know exactly what the outfit I would wear with the Kilimanjaro Square Necklace!

  204. This necklace is so cool and unique. I absolutely love the design and how different it is (I don’t really like the trendy and obvious).
    Fingers crossed!

  205. Megan Abel

    Her shop is just the sweetest thing! I’m in love with this 24 Merry Days giveaway, and this necklace is one of my favorite pieces so far! All of my fingers crossed….

  206. Megan

    I love every necklace.

  207. I want the necklace.It is so simple yet so elegant to look.Yay! for worldwide giveaway.

  208. I adore the Kilimanjaro mountain necklace. So gorgeous!

  209. Rebecca

    You’ve chosen my favorite piece for the giveaway!

  210. goodness, the necklace is amazing…but so are those pillows!

  211. Abigail

    the earrings.
    the earrings are perfect.

  212. So happy to be introduced to your beautiful blog through the 24 Merry Days! Thanks for a great giveaway today. :)

  213. Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  214. Hilary

    I love the petite triangle stud earrings!

  215. Elisabeth

    I love the Kilimanjaro Web necklace and the Scarpa sunset pillow! Beautiful shop!

  216. Sonja

    I LOVE the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace! I would love to win it too!

  217. caslyn

    love this giveaway!

  218. Sadye


  219. I would love any one of her necklaces! Such great pieces!


  220. nastasja pillow!

  221. Anna

    I like the necklace!

  222. beautiful necklace!

  223. my fave item are the petite triangle earrings. adorbs and would go well with anything!

  224. Jennifer

    Love triangle pop rock earrings

  225. Mary Frances

    I love the heart studs! So dainty and original!

  226. Melissa

    The Kilimanjaro Square Necklace is my favorite!

  227. Erika Croonenberghs

    What a beautiful statement necklace!

  228. Gwen Armbrust

    What nice lovelies!

  229. Bonnie

    What a cool shop and great story! The web necklace is my favorite so i hope i win!

  230. obviously it’s the Kilimanjaro Wings Necklace I love.

  231. Lindsay

    This is such a cute necklace!

  232. Jen N.

    I love the petite square stud earrings.

  233. Seasonal greetings from the country of Santa Claus!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  234. Katie K

    The Kilimanjaro rectangle necklace is just beautiful!

  235. Jas

    I adore the Aneesa pillow in red.

  236. Allison Borges

    the Kilimanjaro Mountains Necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to add it as a staple piece to my wardrobe.

  237. Susan Davis

    Amazing giveaway!

  238. I love the Kilimanjaro Mountains Necklace. So unique!

  239. liz mn

    great giveaway! fingers crossed!

  240. Kathy in Michigan

    The Kilamonjaro arrow necklace is fantastic!

  241. There’s nothing I love more than a truly unique and gorgeous piece of jewelry. I think this fits the bill!

  242. Lindsay

    What a great giveaway!

  243. Lea Anna

    That bangle is so pretty

  244. Katie

    I had never heard of this designer before. Absolutely beautiful work! I’m glad I’ve been following the 24 Merry Days because it’s introduced me to some lovely new things.

  245. Janay

    So lovely!!

  246. Wendy

    What a gorgeous necklace!

  247. Allison

    lovely necklace!

  248. Catherine

    I love the Kilaminjaro mountain necklace

  249. Melissa

    I’m obsessed with earrings! My favorite pair is the Love Triangle Pop Rock earrings.

  250. Jessica Joy

    I love the tribal pillow!

  251. Tina


  252. Emily

    This is a beautiful necklace! Would love to win.

  253. The Scarpa Peak pillow is my favourite!

  254. Melanie F

    I adore the Jheel pillow! This is SO fabulous thanks guys!! xx

  255. Christine

    My favorites are the kilimanjaro mountains necklace and the love pop rocks earrings. So cute!

  256. Kelly

    I love the Scarpa 80’s pillow!

  257. heidi

    I love the Zara pillow!

  258. What a beautiful necklace!

  259. marie

    Well, the kilimanjaro necklace is my favorite item in the shop. And yay for an international giveaway!

  260. What a gorgeous necklace! Going to check out her shop!

  261. The Kilimanjaro Web Necklace is actually my favorite!

  262. Raluca Birle

    I really like the Love Triangle Pop Rock Earrings!and not to mention the pillows,are gorgeous!

  263. Katelin

    Such beautiful designs!

  264. Carolyn

    These are all just beautiful, and I’d love to have the love trinagle bangle in my jewelry box. Gorgeous.

  265. i LOVE the Kilimanjaro Mountains necklace and the 50 States necklace!

  266. Maureen

    I love all the beautiful, textured pillows – lovely!

  267. stephanie k

    literally anything she makes!

  268. Lisa F

    Love the Kilmanjaro Square Necklace!

  269. Lindsey Pippard

    What beautiful products, especially the cushions!

  270. Sarah Rodriguez

    I love all her stud earrings. I would love any of them.

  271. Angela


  272. Laura Igram

    So beautiful! I love a good statement piece and would proudly wear it.

  273. Cynthia b

    This necklace is beautiful.

  274. That necklace is stunning!

  275. Sandy

    i love the necklaces!

  276. Amanda

    i love the stud earrings!

  277. Kady

    Loving the KilimanjaroI Web Necklace – definitely my favorite!!

  278. Danielle

    I really love the pillows. Especially the Scarpa 80’s one!

  279. Aimee

    Wow, this is lovely!

  280. amanda

    love the earrings!

  281. Suzy

    I adore the Kilimanjaro Arrow Necklace!

  282. Salome

    the web necklace you’re giving away is my favorite!

  283. I love all of the Kilimanjaro necklaces; just gorgeous!!

  284. Emily

    I LOVE the arrow necklace!

  285. Iliyana D.

    Lovelly things, thanks for the chance!

  286. Love all of her pillows!

  287. heather f

    I like the petite triangle stud earrings and several of the pillows also caught my eye. actually, it ALL caught my eye!

  288. pauline

    What a lovely necklace! It’s my favorite in the shop!

  289. I also love the JHEEL pillow!

  290. That necklace is gorgeous.

  291. The Aneesa print pillows are my favorite!

  292. Tina Martinez

    I love the Petite Square stud earrings! So Chic! and they would go with everything

  293. Tamara

    Favorite item has to be the Love Triangle Bangle!

  294. Emme

    I love the kilamanjaro square necklace!

  295. I Love that Scarpa Sunset pillow, and all the other pillows, for that matter! Fingers crossed :)

  296. Jessie

    Love the Kilimanjaro web necklace

  297. Alyssa S

    I love the square stud earrings! Perfect for everyday wear.

  298. ouu i love this stuff! my favourite would have to be the NASTASJA pillow! glad i happened upon your blog on the 24 merry days site too, it’s lovely!!

  299. That necklace is amazing! I’m starting a new gig soon, and I need some baubles to keep my creative edge in that corporate environment. Awesome giveaway!

  300. I love the Scarpa 80’s pillow!

  301. The petite heart studs are so cute!

  302. Melanie

    Such a beautiful piece!

  303. 24 merry days giveaways are the BEST! ;)

  304. Melissa H

    I love the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace.

  305. Jheel!

  306. Roberta MacQuarrie

    Love the petite heart studs and all the pillows!

  307. What a lovely necklace, thank you for introducing me to this shop!

  308. Kari P

    love the kilimanjaro web necklace and the triangle stud earrings!


  310. mang hempel

    Love the triangle petite stud earrings!

  311. Suzanne L

    I like the Zara pillow

  312. kaela

    love the pillows! thanks for hosting

  313. ellie

    really like the necklace

  314. Sarah

    The Scarpa 80’s pillow is wonderful

  315. Marielle
  316. Meg

    Those pillows are great!

  317. Love Triangle Pop Rocks Earrings, please!

  318. That necklace is amazing, but after that I’m most drawn to those tiny triangle studs pictured. So cute and understated!

  319. Erika K

    That necklace is gorgeous! I would probably wear it every day. So many beautiful things in her shop- I love anything with a geometric print.

  320. Arune


  321. Absolutely to die for. That necklace would gussy up any sweater. Lovely.

  322. Katie

    I die! Such a beautiful and unique necklace.

  323. Love her Love Triangle bangle and the Kilimanjaro range of necklaces! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for such a fantastic competition and for introducing me to her range of jewelry!

  324. Rachel

    What a great necklace, it’s so unique, I don’t have anything like it.

  325. Perrine Punelle

    I just love the way she mixes traditional and modern features. The pillows seem great to add an exotic touch to a decor.

  326. Lindsay

    The Archimedes Rectangle pillow is beautiful!

  327. i adore those necklaces! adore! and her pillows are divine!

  328. Marielle Harris-Rizon

    Amazing giveaway! I really love the Kilimanjaro Mountains and Arrow necklaces

  329. Krista

    Just visited and the arrow necklace is gorgeous!!

  330. Alex

    what a great giveaway! love it all

  331. Kuniko

    It so cute!

  332. Karen

    My faves are the necklace you are giving away and the love triangle pop rocks earrings!

  333. Teresa

    I love the bone material so I’ve fallen in love with the kilamanjero web necklace

  334. Love the Kilimanjaro web necklace! Bold but still not too huge!

  335. My favorites are the Kilamanjaro Arrow Necklace and any of the lovely pillows!!!

  336. Ash

    Wow the pillows are just as good as the jewelry! I really like the Scarpa 80’s pillow.

  337. Rachel

    What a gorgeous necklace!

  338. That is a gorgeous necklace!

  339. Jill

    I love the Jheel pillow.

  340. hw

    It’s hard to choose but I think I’m loving the Jheel pillow the most!

  341. Such unique pieces! I love the Kilimanjaro necklace. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  342. Kayla

    Besides this necklace up for grabs, my favorite item is probably the Scarpa Peak patterned pillow! That would look perfect in my living room :)

  343. Jennifer

    GORGE necklace! Love it!!

  344. my favorite are the PETITE SQUARE STUD EARRINGS!!

  345. Elitsa Andreeva

    lovely geometrical elements – but so minimalistic and cool (Petite Triangle Stud Earrings are my favorite item there)

  346. So many pretty things! But I think my favorite is the “Aneesa” pillow. x

  347. I love the necklace

  348. Megan

    Love this stuff!

  349. Melanie sena

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  350. I love the Kilimanjaro Web Necklace, but they are all so beautiful

  351. lisa

    beautiful necklace!

  352. sarah marie

    that bangle! to die for!

  353. Love the triangle stud earrings!

  354. What a beautiful piece !

  355. LOVE this prize!

  356. Kris

    Such a beautiful, striking piece. Also love the Scarpa peak pillow.

  357. Jennifer

    I like the Scarpa 80s Pillow

  358. I think my favorite would have to be the “Kilimanjaro Mountains Necklace”. Though the “Web” is a very close second!

  359. Julianne

    favorite item: scarpa sunset pillow :)

  360. Christine

    love the petite triangle stud earrings

  361. Bella

    I love the simplicity of the ARCHIMEDES zig-zag pillow

  362. Carrie

    What a beautiful piece of art! Thank you for sharing.

  363. Candie L

    I like the Scarpa 80s pillow. Thank you

  364. tina reynolds

    I really like the Kilimanjaro Mountains Necklace

  365. Jessica

    I’m a fan of the Kilimangaro Square necklace.