DIY All-Natural Room Spray

December 12, 2013 | Christmas, DIY

Hi friends!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of lovely all-natural DIYs that Militza and I have put together! So far, we’ve done one for the Guys (Aftershave), one for the Girls (Lip Balm), and lastly, we’re doing one for your home (Room Spray!).

If I was to ask you what Christmas smelt like, what would you say? Even though I’ve grown up most of my life in climates that have hot Christmases, I’d still say Christmas smells like pine needles, spiced cookies and wine, heaters warming up, candles… So even though I probably won’t have any need for any of those things here in Singapore, we still thought it would be nice to bring those beautiful Christmas smells into our homes.

So let’s make some Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, and Silver Fir Room Spray, shall we? It’s dead-simple! :)

DIY Room Spray

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Empty Spray Bottle
– Small jug of water (enough to fill the spray bottle)
– Essential Oils (See Below)

DIY Room Spray

As with the Aftershave and Lip Balm DIYs, we had a chat with Herbalist Alina from Abundant Earth to get the low down on the best essential oils to use when creating a festive Room Spray. Here’s what she came up with:
– 60 drops of Orange Sweet
– 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark
– 20 drops of Silver Fir

This will give us a sweet and spicy room fragrance, which is nice to spray at gatherings and feasts. Sweet orange creates a cheerful social ambience, while cinnamon stimulates digestion.

DIY Room SprayStep 1.
Fill your spray bottle with water from the jug (or straight from the tap). Add 60 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil, 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil, and 20 drops of Silver Fir Oil. Put the cap on the bottle and gently shake to mix the oils in.

Spray away! It really couldn’t be simpler!

DIY Room Spray

All that’s left to do is to make the bottle look pretty! I’ve created some simple black and white labels for you to download and use to decorate your Room Spray Bottle. Once you’ve downloaded the file you need (A4 or Letter) you’ll noticed that there are two pages – one with the labels the right way around, the other with the labels in reverse.

DIY Room Spray


Page one: Labels the right way around – Print on sticker paper.
Page two: Labels in reverse – Below you’ll see some cute little gift bags we created to package your Room Spray in, and for this you’ll need Iron-On transfer paper, and the reversed labels.

We decided to go with one of the long banner stickers for this lovely, but there are lots of different stickers, you can choose whichever one you like!  :)

DIY Room Spray

Here’s what you’ll need to create the same look:
– Finished Room Spray, sealed.
– Plain Muslin Bag
– A printed sheet of labels (the right way around) on sticker paper. Cut out the ones you want.
– A printed sheet of the reversed labels on Iron-on Transfer paper. Cut out ones you want to use according to packet instructions.

DIY Room SprayStep 1.
Peel the backing off the sticker and stick the end of the sticker (where it says ‘handmade especially for you’) onto the back of the bottle about 2cm from the bottom. Take the sticker underneath the bottle and back up the other side. Stick down well.

DIY Room SprayDIY Room Spray

To make the little gift bag to package your Room Spray in, cut out the labels you want from the ones you printed on the Iron-On Transfer Paper. Iron them onto the muslin bag according to the packet instructions.

DIY Room Spray

And you’re done! Package it up and give it as a hostess gift, or use it yourself! It’ll feel like Christmas in no time ;)

As we’ve now come to the end of this series of All-Natural DIYs, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Militza for teaming up with me on this! It was so much fun, and really great for me to try something new! Be sure you check out her blog, Little Green Dot for loads more all-natural and eco-friendly tips, workshops, and tutorials :)

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  1. I love this!! My christmas tree makes our home smell great, but it can always use a bit more of a holiday scent! I don’t usually use fresheners because of all the chemicals, but this is completely natural—yay! Thanks :)

  2. What a sweet gift (and homemade too!!) – I love everything about this, including your lovely packaging too!!

  3. I love it and I will try to do it! Thank you and happy holidays!

  4. What a great idea! Just discovered your blog and think its a new favorite!

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  6. Love the packaging! That makes the gift so much more desirable. Pinned for next year :)

  7. Alba

    simply brilliant! i think I’m gonna try it although Christmas days are over….:)

  8. Patricia Swayze

    I am wondering if the water could cause bacteria to grow.. Wouldn’t it be better to use alcohol?

  9. Larry

    I was wondering what size spray bottle was recommended for this DIY project (that works best with the number of drops of essential oils recommended).

    • ffadmin

      Hi Larry,
      I’m not sure what the exact size was, but I’d say about 150mL or so. :)

  10. Natasha

    I have been looking around for DIY blogs in Singapore and came across yours! have been looking to make a room spray, was wondering where i could purchase the glass amber spray bottle?

  11. Dorelle Andersen

    Love this idea. Am going to make these
    sprays for party favours. However I’m not a techie and don’t know how to
    print or copy to print the label I want from your list they all seem to be together.
    I like the rectangular one that says room spray in white letters on black background or the round one that again is black background with the sprig on top and the wording below . I would sure appreciate how to separate them. Many thanks

    • ffadmin

      Hi Dorelle, I’ve sent you an email :)