DIY Berry Boxes

June 13, 2013 | DIY

DIY Berry BoxesIs anyone else loving berry boxes and baskets as much as I am right now?? There’s something quite charming about them, so simple and useful. I’ve even got some pretty ceramic ones sitting on my desk :)

I decided some paper ones would be cute too, and super easy to customise (think of all those paper and pattern combinations!), so I’ve put together this DIY for you all. I hope you like them and will make some for yourself!

Lets get to it!

– Light cardboard in 3 colours/patterns.
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Stapler

Note: Once you know the general makeup of the boxes, you can create any size box you like. To get you started, I’ve put together 3 fact sheets explaining the dimensions and fold lines of the boxes I made. They’re not to scale, but should help you when you’re measuring out each piece :)

You can find the fact sheets here:
Small Berry Box
Medium Berry Box
Large Berry Box

Step 1.
Measure the ‘Outside’ box shape (see fact sheets above) onto the card you want on the outside of your box. Make sure you draw it on the wrong side of the card. Cut it out.

Repeat with the ‘Inside’ box shape on the card you want on the inside of your box. Again, remember to draw it out on the wrong side of the card. Cut it out.

Step 1

Step 2.
Measure the ‘Top Strip’ out onto the card you want for the band running around the top of your box. Don’t forget to mark the fold lines as you’ll need them soon.

Cut out the Top Strip, and mark fold lines.

Step 3.
– Take your ‘Outside’ piece and fold along the dotted lines. Make sure that any pencil markings are on the inside.
– Take your ‘Inside’ piece and fold along the dotted lines. Make sure that any pencil markings are on the outside.
– Take your ‘Top Strip’ and fold it in half all the way along the length, keeping any pencil markings to the inside. Then fold the strip at the places you marked before (you’ll have to peek inside the fold to see these lines). Always fold in the same direction.

Once you have these three pieces, put the ‘Inside’ piece into the ‘Outside’ piece. If you want to, you can secure the two pieces together with double sided tape, but I didn’t find it necessary.

All folded!

Step 4.
Take your folded ‘Top Strip’, and slip it over the top edges of the box (wedging both layers of card inside). Once you’ve gone all the way around, overlap the ends and staple. Add more staples around the top if you want extra strength.

Stapled!And that’s it! I know the instructions sound a bit complicated, but it’s really quite easy.. and they turn out really cute!

Berry BoxesBerry BoxesBerry BoxesWhat will you use yours for? :)


  1. Oh I love it, I’ll use them for the office.
    Well, I just need light card ;)

  2. Love it! So simple and so beautiful.

  3. Love! Love! So many things to store in my studio – great idea.

  4. Wow! This is a super cute idea!

  5. Super cute!! Can’t wait to try them out soon. Love the colours you picked too!

  6. So wonderful and simple! Thanks for the great DIY!

  7. oh no way!!! this is awesome!!! as soon as I saw your post I was thinking, paper berry baskets, best EVER!!

  8. Jackie

    These are fabulous. I think they would be great for packaging gifts. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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  11. What a great tutorial. I love it! PS, first time visiting your blog – I love the clean and cheerful design/layout!

  12. I love this! I can’t wait to try it :)

  13. Such a cute idea, thanks. I love berries and I love your boxes!

  14. shay


  15. I love the look of these fabulous boxes. I made some today using your instructions and am featuring on my blog tomorrow. I will credit your webpage with a link back to you. Thank you for sharing!

  16. These are super cute! TFS

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  18. BeckiC

    Thank you for posting the directions. I had forgotten how easily they could be made, BUT, had never made them with inside & outside decorated. I plan to use them for jewelry findings to organize easier.

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  20. Ooohh! This looks awesome and super easy. I have tons of card stock that needs to be used on cool stuff like this.

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