DIY cute custom coasters

March 29, 2012 | DIY

Are you a coaster-user? I never have been.. it was always something that came out at dinner parties when I was a kid, and feels a bit posh to me!

However, since moving to humid Singapore, I’ve had to begin using them.. not necessarily to protect my table, but more because after a minute out of the fridge, my drink will leave pools of water around it that I then proceed to accidentally put my arm/mouse/documents in.

SO.. when I stumbled across these cheap cork ones while I was out the other day, I thought – yes! but they could be cooler! And here’s where my new favourite DIY tool came in – the paint pen! I used them on those DIY envelopes from a few weeks back, and they worked like a treat for this DIY too.

All you need is:
Cork coasters
Paint pen (I used metallic silver)

Step 1: Take your coaster, and draw on it with your paint pen. Let it dry completely before using it.. and you’re done!

The only thing I can say is – be aware that the pen may omit some fumes that can become a little bit overwhelming when you have your face right next to the coaster concentrating on drawing the details. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… ;) Best to work in a well ventilated room.

Easy peasy right?!


  1. cute idea :) I don’t really use coasters… but you could use that technique for cork hot mats (for pots)

  2. I don’t use coasters either but it can be great for decorations or gifts!

  3. Super cute, as always!

  4. Wow – these are awesome … I am out looking for the cork coasters this week!

  5. love it! simple & cute! thank you for sharing!

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  7. soooo beautiful and simple!

  8. Those are super adorable! Think I might have to try this. I guess I’m the rare one that does use coasters, otherwise wood furniture would get damaged and why ruin something you paid good money for?! I mean, that’s why coasters were invented. :)

  9. Allison

    I’ve found cork trivets at IKEA in Atlanta. Maybe they have them at an IKEA near you? May just decorate mine. Never thought of it before.

  10. Beautiful idea.

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  14. These are so cute, I love your designs.
    Great idea :)

  15. Julie

    Thanks for the inspiration. I did it too a trivet sized one. Cute.

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  19. Your coasters are so pretty, you’ve done a lovely job! I have this linked to my corks post too today, well done!

  20. these are COMPLETELY DARLING – you are a much better free hand artist than me but you’ve still inspired me to give it a whirl – so darling!

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  24. These are so cute!! So excited to have found your site (found you thru pinterest!)

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  26. Sarah

    I am trying this craft right now, but am having trouble with my paint pen drawing on the cork. I am even using the same brand paint pen as you. Any ideas on how to make it easier? I am on my 6th paint pen, to no avail. I have 36 coasters to make this weekend for bridesmaid gifts…Please help!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Sarah! Hmm.. that’s a tricky one! When I did mine, I had a piece of paper next to me that I would keep pumping the pen on to make sure the ink was still flowing freely.. maybe that would work? Every now and then my pen would dry out, but a few pumps to get the ink back and it was fine.. I hope this works for you too!

  27. Sarah

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep trying. What a cute idea!

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  32. Brenda

    Love these coasters, wondering if you could use rubber stamps and ink pads for the same effect? Just a thought. You did a great job at free handing the designs, I can’t draw a straight line but I like to think I’m crafty,haha.

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  35. Kim

    Oh wow the coasters sure are artsy and cute! (: I’m currently residing in Singapore as well – could you tell me where you found them? :D

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  37. These are adorable! Such a fun and easy gift idea. :)

  38. I’m looking to do this adorable craft as favors for my sister’s bridal shower. But what happens when your cup sweats on to the paint? Does it ruin the design?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Jessica,
      In my experience, once the ink has dried it’s permanent. I just tested my set under running water and nothing budged. If you’re worried about it though, maybe test it on one coaster first :)

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  40. awesome idea!! so cute and simple. not to mention fun.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

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  43. Maria

    These are so cute! I have just moved to Singapore and are looking for some coasters. I would love to make these. Where did you find the cork coasters?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Maria! Welcome to Singapore :) I got my coasters from The Mustafa Centre. Hope that helps!

  44. Maria

    Thanks, both for the welcome and for the info.
    But I must admit, I’m thinking: oh no, not Mustafa Centre.
    I visited a few days ago and spent four hours there. One day became the next and I didn’t even see it all :)

    But now I have something to look for when I visit that centre of wonders again!

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  51. That’s really creative. Thanks for sharing such fantastic idea!

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  54. What a fun, easy project! I may need to add this to my DIY list. Thanks for sharing :)

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  58. Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

    These are fabulous and would make a great gift! I featured this on my Handmade Gift Ideas!

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  63. Veron

    Hello there! This is a great tutorial!

    I was wondering if you have any idea where to great plain cork coasters in Singapore?

    Thank you, Claire!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Veron, sorry for the late reply! I’ve seen plain coasters at Mustafa and Art Friend. Hope that helps! Best, Claire

  64. Promise Sing

    Hi! Just wanted to check if the paint pen is water-proof? Would the ink smear if we place hot glass of water on the coasters? Hear from you soon!! Thanks!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Promise Sing! The ink didn’t smear for me in daily use, but I didn’t really use hot or wet cups on them.. so it might depend on the circumstances. I’d suggest maybe doing a little test with one coaster first :)

  65. This is very helpful Claire! I recently bought a table and I need these to protect the glass surface.

  66. These are so cute! I have just moved to Singapore and are looking for some coasters. I would love to make these. Where can i find them ?