DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

October 3, 2013 | DIY


I know I haven’t done a DIY for you guys in a little while (my bad, life has been Busy with a capital B), but I’m sure you’ll forgive me when you see what I’ve cooked up for today :)

Feast your eyes on these cuties!

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

How cute are they? AND they’re a cinch to make too – bonus!

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches


– Pouch Template
(Get the 2-tone pouch template in A4 and LETTER, or the single colour pouch template in A4, or LETTER)
– Faux-leather
– Fabric scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil
– Ball head screwback studs (if you’re in Singapore, I found them at People’s Park China Town).
– Sewing machine and thread
– Pinking Shears (optional)
– Permanent paint markers (optional)
– Bull-dog clips (optional)

Some things to keep in mind:
– Before you start, do some test runs on your sewing machine with the faux-leather. I found that the metallic leather was great to sew on either side, but the green and brown only worked when the material side was facing up. It’ll differ for you, so it’s best to test it first – the way it sews might determine which colours you use where.
– Because the leather won’t fray, unfinished edges are A-ok! 

Step 1.
Print out the template, and cut out each piece. Feel free to make adjustments! You can make it whatever size you want, make the front flap longer/shorter, finish the edge or not. Up to you.

Step 2.
Lay your leather face-down and trace the pattern piece/s onto the back. Cut them out. Keep in mind that 1 cm (0.4″) seams are already accounted for.

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

Step 3.
If you’re going to hem the top edge of the pouch, do it now. Just fold it down about 8mm (1/4″) and sew in place.

Next, if you’re doing the 2-tone pouch, place the the two sides together, keeping in mind that it will be turned inside-out (so be careful about which colour is facing in and which is facing out).

If you’re just doing a one-colour pouch, fold the leather in half lining up the bottom edge with the two bits that stick out. I’m getting really technical with my wording here. Hopefully the photos below will help.

Step 4.
Ignoring the top flap for the moment, sew the two pieces together 1cm from the edge. If you’re having trouble keeping the two sides together, use bull-dog clips to hold them. It’s best not to use pins because they leave holes.

If you’re doing the 2-toned pouch, sew both sides and the bottom. If you’re doing the one-colour pouch, just sew the two sides.

Step 5.
Using pinking shears (or scissors) trim each seam fairly close to the stitching. Trim corners.

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

Step 6.
Turn pouch right-side out. Fold the top flap in half vertically with the underside out. Mark the spot you’d like your closure stud to be with a pencil. Carefully snip a little cross on that spot, but be careful not to make it too big.

Step 7.
Now close the flap over the front of your pouch and poke a pencil through the little cross you just made, marking a spot on the pouch front. Snip another little cross on the point you just marked, and stick the screw base (from the stud) through the hole from the inside. Screw on the ball head.

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

Now close your pouch and admire your amazing work! And then go make lots more :)

As an alternative too, feel free to get creative with your leather! Permanent paint markers work beautifully for creating pretty patterns. Again – best to do a test first. :)

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

DIY Faux-Leather Pouches DIY Faux-Leather Pouches DIY Faux-Leather Pouches

Fun right? What will you do with yours?


  1. Hello there! I’m from Singapore and I have been following your blog for over two years now!

    I LOVEEEEEE the leather pouches! Would you happen to be selling them? :)

    – – –
    Lots of love,
    Jolyn Kari

  2. Love these SO much! The colors are gorgeous!!

  3. This is so beautiful Claire! Thanks for sharing such a lovely DIY. I know what to ask for my birthday – a sewing machine! :)
    I’d use it to keep coins and probably little reinforcements for my kids at therapy! :)

  4. Love the colours you chose and the way you’ve decorated & styled the pouches. Too pretty :)

  5. Eb

    Love! (just for a change from the other comments)!! Was it hard to sew faux leather?? Did it kill your needles or was it ok? I’m about to attempt a sling tote… not in faux leather… I’m not that cool :D

    • ffadmin

      Hey Eb :) It was tricky at first – the silver leather was beautiful to sew on both the leather side and the cloth side, but when I tried it with the brown and green, they got a bit stuck. They sewed (?) when the fabric side was up, but when the leather side was up, it wouldn’t move under the foot. So I just had to keep that in mind when I went to sew each pouch. It’s really soft material, so I had no trouble with the needle. You could try using a special leather needle, but I found the normal one worked fine. Oooo.. A sling tote, how cool! Can’t wait to see! x :)

  6. wow! They are superpretty! Ill have to make this some time *pinning*

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  8. These are so charming!!

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  10. I’m so in love with this DIY! I love all the mix and match faux leathers – it would make for such a pretty and thoughtful gift for the girlfriends! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Super cuuuuuute!!! Great job!!

  12. ffadmin

    Wow, thanks for all the lovely comments!! I’m so glad you like them.. I’d love to see the results if you make some for yourselves! :) x

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  14. I’m definitely in love with the dotty idea! These are super cute. I would love to get my hands on some faux leather to craft with.

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  21. Gorgeous! I esp love the gold + green one!

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  24. Queeneey

    Love these pouches!!! Made them as gifts and so simple and beautiful. My pictures don’t do them justice. Could not find ball head screw in studs ANYWHERE!! I used brass ball buttons. Still looked great. Thank you!

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  26. Alex

    SO CUTE! Perfect for jewelry, or a coin pouch for the car to feed the meter.


  27. Gorgeous! I love how the paint markers really make these look unique and special.

  28. Amy

    Looove these! By chance, do you have any good online sources for metallic faux leather? I’ve been searching and searching…

  29. I can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled across your lovely blog!! I adore these mini pouches, feeling very inspired now.

    Fiona x

  30. Kathrin Schwarz

    Super schöne Ideen ,die ich auch verstehe ,wenn ich nur die Fotos nacharbeite !

  31. Veronica

    I just love these. Simple ideas but thanks for showing how to do such fun things.

  32. Estelle

    Hi !!! it’s so beautiful !!! where do you buy the faux leather ? (with heart)
    Thank you so much
    Estelle from Corsica

    • ffadmin

      Hi Estelle! I just bought it from a local shop here in Singapore. Maybe give a go, there might be some on there! :)