DIY Metal Flower Brooch

August 30, 2012 | DIY

I found some embossing foil at the craft store the other day and bought some without any specific project in mind.. but then I came across this tutorial for making paper flowers, and thought they might also be cute if they were done in metal :)

Here’s what you’ll need

– Embossing foil (The metal I used was approx. 0.1mm thick)
– Hot glue gun
– Circle punch (mine is about 1″ or 27mm diameter)
– Brooch clasp, or two strong magnets that are attracted (the idea is so you don’t damage your clothes)
– Old scissors

*For more thorough instructions, visit Wedding Chicks blog for the paper version. Other than making them in metal, the only other thing I did differently was to leave 3 circles flat for the bottom layer.

Step 1.
Punch out 10 circles from the foil using your circle punch. Put 3 aside. With the remaining 7, cut a straight line from the edge into the centre of the circle.

Step 2.
Doing one circle at a time, put a dot of hot glue on one side of the cut and bring the other side over the glue and stick it down (should look like a cone). I did 3 circles as fairly shallow cones, 3 as deeper cones, and 1 (for the middle) as a tight cone.

Step 3.
Overlap the 3 flat circles, using a dot of hot glue to stick each together. They’ll be the base. On top of that, overlap and glue the 3 shallow cones, followed by the 3 deeper cones. Finish it off by gluing the tight cone in the centre.

Step 4.
On the back, glue either your brooch clasp, or one of the two magnets (make sure it’s the magnetised side up). Once the glue has dried, you’re ready to wear!

*As an alternative, I left the tight cone out of one of my flowers and instead filled it with craft glue and glitter to give it some sparkle. You could also add a button, or beads.. :)


  1. This is so great!! I would love to make one of these, it would even be really great to attach to a hair clip.

  2. Great idea!

  3. Wow! I absolutely love this. I’ve been wanting a brooch, and this is perfect :D

  4. Iris

    Such a cute DIY! Where did you buy your dress? It is really pretty :-)

    • ffadmin

      Hi Iris, thank you! I bought it at H&M a couple of years ago :)

  5. This is great! It gives a bit of edginess to the standard flower pin. So fun!

  6. Nice! I never would’ve thought this worked with a circle punch..

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  9. I’m loving all the crafts! I have such a weird question. In the first photo of your post, what font did you use in the text “MAKE ME”? Where can I download or purchase it?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Char! The font is called LiebeErica and you can buy it from :)

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  13. Wow! I absolutely love this. I would love to make one of these, it would even be really great to attach to a hair clip.

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  16. sarojini

    Wow very nice ..metal flowers. I can use in hairstyles…I can make very new models…thanks very nice…but I have one qus… by sticking glue…..its not very strong will good to make velding….??? To make dureble…..bye …

    • ffadmin

      Hi Sarojini! I’m afraid I’m not sure about welding.. I’ve never welded anything before! The glue was enough just for my personal use on clothing, but if you want it more durable you may have to look into other options. :)