DIY Mini Family

February 28, 2013 | DIY

I love getting mail.. do you?

Ever since we moved overseas almost 5 years ago, every now and then we receive a little surprise package in the mail from Australia, which always makes us excited – even before we’ve opened it! The packages come from our beloved friends and their 3 gorgeous boys, and contain drawings and letters they’ve made for us. It’s the sweetest thing, and never fails to make our day! Of course all new artworks and letters quickly find their way onto the fridge, so we can be reminded of them every time we go into the kitchen. :)

Well, when we received another surprise package in the mail a few weeks ago, we decided it was time to send something fun and creative back. We wanted it to be personal, but kind of funny at the same time, and so the mini family was born! We also added ourselves in there for good measure ;)

Mini Family

This would actually be a great DIY if you had kids, just cut out all the parts and let them get creative with the colouring :)

If you’d like to make a mini family for yourself (or to send to some friends/family overseas), here’s what you’ll need:

– Little family template (Download: A4 or Letter)
– Cardboard (I used kraft)
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Coloured pencils, pens, paint etc
– Craft Glue
– Family/friend photos at the right size

Note: The hardest part about this DIY is finding the right size photos. There are 5 different sized ‘people’ included in the template, and each states the head size you’ll need. First look at the template and decide who fits with which size, then find and resize photos to suit each one. Photos where the subject is facing straight on works best.

Step 1.
There are two options for how to begin:
1. Print the template onto the wrong side of your card directly (if it’ll fit through your printer), then cut out the sizes you’d like, or
2. Print the template onto plain paper, cut out the sizes you’d like, trace around them onto the wrong side of your card using the pencil, and cut them out (this is better if you have several of the same size needed).

Step1Step 2.
Take one of your photos and cut around the face. Make sure it’s the right size for the template you’ve chosen, apply a small amount of glue to the back and stick it down onto the ‘head’ of your cardboard cutout. If you like, you can then trim the cardboard to the same size as the head, or leave it with some space around it. On the ones I did, I chose to leave space around the adults heads, and trimmed right to the photo for the kids

Step2 IO6A6361_smStep 3.
Next, start decorating! It’s up to you to choose the outfits each person will wear, and it’s fun to add details – like watches, cameras, fun t-shirts, and jewellery. Get creative! :)


And that’s it! Once you’ve done all the paper people you’d like, you’ll have a whole family :)



  1. Natalie

    Very Cute! Saw these up on the fridge! xo

  2. Really cute! I am going to play with this today with my nearly 4 years boy, thanks :-)

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  4. Emily

    They bring a big smile to my face every time I go to the fridge! Love these so much!

  5. How Cute are these? I’ll definitely be making these! We love snail mail around here! I’m thinking our aussie family will be receiving some of these very soon :))

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