DIY Stamp Village

February 7, 2013 | DIY

A little while ago now I bought a couple of blank rubber stamp blocks with the idea I would carve them up into something awesome and amazing. Alas, awesome and amazing didn’t happen at the time, and so they’ve just stayed in the draw, forgotten and unloved… until now, that is!

I’m still not sure ‘awesome and amazing’ has happened, but would you settle for cute and fun?

I thought with Valentine’s coming up, these sweet little houses would be great for decorating wrapping paper, cards, tags, or little bags.. and once Valentine’s is over, you could even carve yourself a little bird or some smoke to stamp in place of the hearts. :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A pen or pencil (having now tried both, pencil is probably better)
– Rubber stamp blocks (if you live in Singapore, try Love Sprouts – Jo not only sells blank blocks, but also some of the most gorgeous and finely carved stamps I’ve seen!)
– Carving Tool (mine has interchangeable heads)

*Please note that I’ve never taken a class to learn how to carve stamps, and am by no means good at it! The steps below are just created from my own experience. You do whatever works best for you, and if you want to share any awesome tips or tricks you’ve learned, please let me know in the comments!

Step 1.
Use your pen/pencil to draw your design on the rubber block (remember it will be reversed when you stamp it). If you’ve got lines to cut out, make sure you draw them fairly thick so it’s easier to see where you want to carve. Cut the block down so it’s about the size of your drawing (not too much free space around the drawing).

Step 2.
Carve out your stamp. I started with the smallest head on my carving tool and went around all the edges of my house first before using the larger heads to take out the bulk areas, and finishing the details with the smaller heads again. But it’s entirely up to you how you want to tackle it. As you can see it’s far from perfect, but still gives a cool effect!

Step 3.
One I was finished, I washed the stamp off (this is why it’s better to use pencil, pen could transfer onto the paper even after it’s been washed) and dried it. I then tested my stamp with ink, and carved a bit more once I’d seen how the stamp came out. And that’s it – start stamping! Repeat these steps for as many houses as you want, and don’t forget the little hearts that come out of the chimney. I did the hearts separately so I could stamp them in a different colour, and also so they could be interchangeable (with smoke, or a bird) down the track.

(you can see here that I did one in pen, and the others in pencil. When I went to print the one I’d outlined in pen, the first few prints also come out a bit blue).


  1. That’s sooooooooooo cute Claire! Settle for it? Gladly!

    Thanks for sharing lovesprouts. I thought Kinokuniya has it but failed to see any. I must try my hand at this – so much fun! :)

  2. The final greeting card with all the little houses is so adorable!

  3. I just bought some blanks and could see them going to the back of a drawer, but not now. Thanks for the boost of inspiration :)


  4. I like all of them. Those designs are cute.:-)

  5. cute cute cute!!

  6. these are gorgeous! thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I really need to get into stamp making!! These are too cute!! =) I love your village!!

  8. Your stamp village is super cute ! I love it !
    Where do ou buy your ink ? I only found brown and black…

  9. Oh Claire – I love this. How super cute! Need to try this asap – I’ve never tried making stamps, so your tutorial is gonna come super handy :)

  10. shay

    oh!! I’ve just received my lovely order from lovesprout with rubber stamp blocks and stamps! thanks for sharing!! :) happy me!

  11. Who cares about Awesome and Amazing, Cute and Fun FTW! :D
    I love this tutorial so much. I hope I could find rubber stamp blocks like those in Australia

  12. i’ve never carved my own stamps, but now i’m anxious to try! i wonder how the muslin bags look heat embossed . . . oh, i think i’m gonna have to try this out ‘)

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  14. Adorable!

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  18. ffadmin

    Thanks for all your awesome comments guys! If you do end up making some stamps, I’d love to see them! :) x

  19. So cute!! Oh no I need to make some right now!! Thanks for the inspiration! xx

    (ps. so glad I found this blog!)

  20. I’ve never tried stamp-carving, but I’m in love with the house designs. Will definitely add it to my to-do list!

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  22. Tabitha

    Oh, I just love those little houses. I have a carving block that I bought to make something amazing too (and still haven’t). Thanks for sharing!

  23. Squeeee. I’ve been thinking I’d like to figure out how to carve a stamp for a while now, and happened to stumble across this. You make it look so possible. Haha. Thank you for the clear photographs and instruction. =)

    *totally pinned*

  24. Very cute! Great first attempt!

  25. gillian

    You can draw out your design on paper in pencil and then press the rubber (or an eraser works too!) onto it to pick up the graphite!(:

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  27. Love these! I’ve featured them in my latest Weekly wonders post :-)

  28. Those look so cute!

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  30. Lesley

    Love these tiny houses. They remind me of my collection of miniature Tasmanian houses by a friend’s mother _ Pauline Shugg a potter in Hobart.

  31. Eleftharia

    Hi!i found your stamps adorable!Can I use a simple eraser instead of a rubber block cause I don’t have one?thank you.

    • ffadmin

      Hi Eleftharia, yes I suppose so! Just give it a go and see how it turns out :)

  32. Love stamp sets, I have a few, but these are AMAZING! You’ve totally inspired me :-)

  33. brilliant! i think i might give this a try

  34. Wow, so stunning! I’ve been making a few stamps recently just by cutting out foam and sticking it on wooden blocks, but I’m feeling very tempted to treat myself to some carving tools so I can have a go at something a bit more complex like this!

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  36. I love this, I was totally wondering how people made stamps, and I love the house idea that you did. very cute!

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  39. I love this sooo much!! Thanks for sharing:) x

  40. This is an awesome tutorial! I can’t wait to try it!

  41. I like it so much…it’s so lovely! Where can I get that stamp rubber blocks? thanks a lot. xx

  42. Asyirah

    Hi! Thank you for sharing! And I didnt even know you lived in Singapore too! I’m a Malaysian and I used to live in Singapore (where I was born-you know my parents are like equally half-half) but for the past four years I’ve lived in Dubai. We’re now moving back again. Oh and if you know some other places to buy those stamp blocks please, let me know!