Baby Bump Update

July 11, 2014 | Baby, Personal

Hello friends!

I know, I know, it’s been aaaaages again. I’m sorry! :(

These past few months have ticked by steadily, and suddenly I’m at 33 weeks, finally finished work, my wonderful Mum visited last week, and I’ve been free to potter around home enjoying some downtime and all-important nesting! Yay!

Luckily, I’ve been feeling pretty good – the Bump is a substantial size now (or at least, it feels like it!) and it’s starting to get in the way – I run into things ALL the time because I’ve forgotten just how much I’m sticking out now. I think I’ve also nearly reached the stage where, if I drop something, there’s some serious consideration about whether it’s really worth trying to bend down to pick it up. Hehe, happy days.

Fellow Fellow pregnancy

So I just wanted to share some updated bump shots with you, in case you’re interested. I’ve *still* been completely slack on the photo front and somehow missed weeks 26 – 32, but you get the idea :)

Fellow Fellow pregnancy

Anyone else out there at the same stage of pregnancy? I hope you’ve been keeping well! Not long to go now… eep!


  1. Hey! Great to see you are in shape! Almost ready right? Can’t wait!
    Love from Switzerland!

    • ffadmin

      Almost there Maryline! Only 7 weeks to go.. still lots to get ready though, I’d better get a move on :) Love from Sg! xx

  2. Congrats again! Pregnancy flies by, doesn’t it? Before you know it you’ll be holding a precious little one in your arms.

    Can’t wait!

    • ffadmin

      Thanks Colleen! Yes you’re right, I can’t believe we’re not far from the end now, so excited :)

  3. Looking gorgeous and radiant and so cute!

  4. Leslie

    ooh exciting! I have a little 3 month old and looking at your pics..i almost can’t believe that was me just a few months ago! Time really does fly…! Super exciting times ahead for you! Good luck and all the best for when Jnr comes along!