FF Gift Guide for Her

November 11, 2013 | Christmas, Guides

Good morning! How was your weekend?

As promised last week, it’s time for us to dive into Christmas! I know it might seem a little early, but if you’re anything like me and like to order gifts/decor online, the deadline for shipping is looming! SO – First up is a yummy gift guide for the girls! I had so much fun putting this together – it was hard to stop adding things! There are so many gorgeous goodies out there right now.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find some things you like in these picks too! :)

FF Gift Guide for HER

1. Gemstone Bracelets (The Vamoose)  2. Gem Vessel Mint (Beneath The Sun)  3. Bau Deco Notebook (Ferm Living)  4. Emma Vacuum Teapot (Connox)  5. Frankie Magazine  6. Naomi Mint Latte Cup (Pop-Line)  7. Yellow Spot Pillowcase (Castle)  8. Wire Basket (Ferm Living)  9. Set of 3 Bathsoaks (Herbivore Botanicals)

FF Gift Guide for HER10. Giftable Large Zip Pouch (Fossil)  11. Acorn and Silk Cord Necklace (The Vamoose)  12. Succulent Print (Leah Duncan)  13. Prism Trivet (Xenia Taler)  14. Plum & Ashby Body Lotion (Anthropologie)  15. Chai & Vanilla Owl Soap (Seventh Tree Soaps)  16. Wood Print Phone Case (Cases By Csera)  17. Large Claire-Aude Print Wash Bag (Liberty) 18. Sydney Frame Coin Purse (Fossil)

What’s your favourite?


  1. I am in love with so may of these ideas! And they would look so amazing all in one home together! Thanks for the shopping inspiration!

    • ffadmin

      So glad you like them Stacia! :)

  2. Oh yes, that vase and golden pouch.. and everything! i absolutely love your taste!

    • ffadmin

      I loved that gold pouch too! I thought it’d be a super classy way to carry my ipad :)

  3. I love Liberty of London!! Great choices..

    • ffadmin

      Oh gosh, me too! And I thought a wash bag would be a great way to get a bit of Liberty into everyday life :)

  4. oh my, I Love everything here, good choices!

    • ffadmin

      Oh I’m so glad, Tereza! Thank you! :)

  5. Oh goodness, I want EVERYTHING!! Plus you made everything look so pretty with the 2 color palettes! I have to resist this year for buying too many things for myself when I should be buying for others! ;) Bookmarking this for my gift giving guide!

    • ffadmin

      I know what you mean, Jessica! It was difficult to resist ordering one of everything as I was putting the guide together! :)

  6. Ha! Look at the name of that Liberty bag: that one has to be my favourite!
    The Ferm Living wire basket is pretty amazing too. I saw it in mustard yellow on the weekend and resisted buying it but if it had been in mint green I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop myself!

    • ffadmin

      How could I not put that liberty bag in when it’s made from the most perfectly named fabric?? ;) And yes – I loved that wire basket too! I’m not sure I could resist anything from Ferm Living if it was in front of me! x