Five Under Ten – Bright and Bold

January 14, 2013 | Five Under Ten

Morning all!

How were your weekends? I had planned to have a ‘Weekend that was‘ post for you this morning, but the flu fairy intervened and I’ve been down with a cold since Friday. So I barely left the couch all weekend, let alone the apartment, and while I debated still doing a Weekend that was post, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see my snotty tissues and half-finished cups of tea. There are some things best left on this side of the computer screen ;)

Instead, I’ve come up with a brand new segment for you! As you can see, it’s called Five Under Ten… excited? Great, me too! Every now and then I’ll put together 5 pretty and fun products that have caught my eye, and that all come in under $10/€10/₤10. Because who doesn’t love cheap stuff, really?

It was far too complicated to work out exchange rates and all that jazz, so instead I’ll just find things under 10, regardless of which currency it is.

So, let’s get this ball rolling!

1. Lone Chevron Arrow Stamp from Creatiate.
2. Slim Twist Cord Washi Tape from Little Happy Things.
3. Reversible Wrap in Sunshine Yellow from Sugar Paper.
4. Recipe Bookmarks from Anthropologie.
5. Garden Trellis Wooden Spoons from Beautiful Revelry.


  1. Those wooden spoons are really cute!! Ooo I might have to go to Anthropologie and get those spoons!! =)

  2. ffadmin

    Oops! Sorry Chloe, looks like I’ve done those around the wrong way – the spoons are from Beautiful Revelry.. will fix now!! x

  3. I like the idea and I felt in love with those washi tapes. Are new right?

  4. Gosh love that skinny washi tape and the wooden spoons (though actually I find wooden spoons are a bit weird to eat off)!

  5. Love the spoons from Beautiful Revelry. It looks like a gorgeous shop!