Five Under Ten – Teal and Soft Blue

September 13, 2013 | Five Under Ten

Five under Ten

1. Teacup Bunny Greeting Card from Omiyage
2. Vintage Green Thread Spools from Olive Manna
3. Twill Ribbon from Olive Manna
4. Thank you Card from Kate Hindley
5. Marius Stools from Ikea

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  1. One of my fave colours!

  2. Hi Claire! I just wanted to say I’ve really been enjoying your blog lately – Have been following on Bloglovin’ and love seeing your new posts. :) Also, I just have to say I saw those cute animal cards on Omiyage and I have totally had my eye on them for a while now – They are all so cute I want them all! :

  3. Love this colour! That twill looks very handy.

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