Forgotten Photos

October 4, 2012 | Personal

One thing that never fails to make me happy is re-discovering old photos that have been tucked away somewhere really special for safe keeping.. ones that I’ve forgotten about completely and can look at with fresh eyes when I find  them again. Because I don’t really print photos anymore, my re-discoveries are mostly confined to the computer and always occur when I’m searching for something completely unrelated.

Well, the other day I came across some forgotten photos while digging around, and thought it was time to share them. They’re by no means long-forgotten… only by about two months, but now that I’ve found them again, I love them even more!  :)

They’re a set from our trip to Bali a few months ago. When I sorted through the hundreds of photos we took, I noticed that quite a few of them were of the amazing alleyways in Ubud and Seminyak, so put them in a special folder of their own. And then forgot about them. But now I’ve found them, and I hope you like them too! :)

All photos by Claire Dalgliesh and David Brander


  1. Hi – just found you via Country Living (I love your spooky home pic on the votives idea!), so I decided to pop over and take a look at your blog. Hopefully you will visit mine as well.

    What a fabulous idea for a blogpost. Hope you don’t mind…but I may do one like this as well (I will link up your blog, promise!). My husband and I went to Paris and Provence a number of years ago – before we were married – and my husband took some incredible pictures. I only put one of them on a blog post – and I have to admit it didn’t come out as well as I would have liked. All of these photos were taken with a 35mm film camera and I have to confess I am not great at tranferring them to digital…but I will learn how to do it better.

    I don’t want these great photos to just wither away in a drawer – they really need to be shown. My husband is an awesome photographer (just for fun…not as a profession)

    What a great trip that must have been…Bali! My stepson and his wife went there for their honeymoon – so jealous!

    I am off to search the rest of your blog. Glad I found you!


    • ffadmin

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much! If you do end up doing a post like this one, I would love to see it! Photos from Paris.. how dreamy :) Your blog is lovely, thank you for sharing it with me! x

  2. Very cool shots.

    It’s so nice to find old forgotten photos again… I love it too!