Frankie Giveaway!

January 10, 2013 | Miscellaneous

**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**

I think a giveaway is the BEST way to start a new year, what do you think? :)

The wonderful folks at Frankie have been gracious enough to give me one of their gorgeous Gift Paper Books to give away to one of you lucky ducks! How awesome is that?!

Each book contains 10 sheets of unique 50’s inspired gift paper, just waiting for you to dream up a way to use it! Check out this delightful stop motion video by Sea Chant, done using these Frankie papers.. cuuuute!

**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**

So here’s how you can win this gorgeous paper pack!

PRIZE: 1 Frankie Gift Paper Book (plus shipping)

TO ENTER: Leave me a comment below telling me what you love love LOVE about Frankie.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Share the giveaway love by Tweeting about it! Be sure to tag me (@fellow_fellow) in the Tweet, then return here and leave me a separate comment letting me know you Tweeted. The winner will be selected from the comments below, so make sure you leave a separate one if you Tweet.

GIVEAWAY ENDS: Midnight on Thursday 17.01.13. One winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email (please be sure to provide a valid email address!).

EXTRAS: Prize can be shipped worldwide

Good luck! And a huge thank you to Frankie for the awesome prize!
**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**


  1. Love love LOVE the array of patterns! A paper for every occasion & some very cool vintage-looking designs. Super smart.

  2. Jessica B

    What a super fabulous giveaway! I’ve been in love with Frankie for some time now. They are my go-to when I’m looking for unique gifts or just interesting items. I’m a known paper addict so this giveaway is perfect for me :)

  3. Amy

    i love that frankie features cool stuff like cat tattoos. seriously that kind of stuff makes my day :)

    – amy

  4. T.Lee

    It’s 10 sheets which didn’t seem like much but looking at the photos, they are so unique, they open a world of possibilities. I loved Fankie’s Sweet Treets book, and must confess, immediately wanted to use their paper as a backdrop for my recipes pcs

  5. I love Frankie because they support growing artists, designers, bloggers and etsy/independent shops, which is awesome. Also I love their color theme, always so pastel and subtle, but definitely visually awesome!

    – Wita

  6. Holly

    The DIY links are interesting and a wide variety of categories to search.

  7. What I love love LOVE about Frankie is their vision – a magazine that spoke directly to the reader, contained great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads, real people and pretty photography, as they put it. That’s pretty much like the powerpuff girls – sugar, spice and everything nice! :)
    I love paper and those goodies are a way to celebrate the evergreen love for paper!

    Thank you Claire for hosting the giveaway :)

  8. michelle

    love this! tweeted. love frankie for their neverending support for both upcoming & veteran artists, designers, creative people and of course, their beautiful, informative magazine design. and thank you for this ;)

  9. Tina

    I adore Frankie as it’s the ultimate getaway from reality after a long day. Filled with artworks and graphics from some of the most talented designers and artists, it is always giving new insights on not only music and fashion etc but important situations that are often happening in the world. Plus, it is beautifully crafted, the bi monthly pin ups are so cute and always looks good on the shelf!


  10. What I love about Frankie? I guess I mostly like the colors and that I can buy it also in digital version!
    Well thank you for the chance :)

  11. Tweeeeet!

  12. steph

    Frankie is cute, sweet and comforting… just like a conversation with a good friend :)

  13. Hi!

    I love the brillant colours!! Amazin!!


  14. What a great giveaway! Frankie has adorable patterns, colors that pop & a fun vibe! Can’t wait to use these fantastic papers in some new creations!

  15. Raffaella

    I love the covers! Always beautiful and so innovative.

  16. Anna

    I love that Frankie magazine fits any mood: whether I’m feeling down or feeling great, it always elevates my mood and lets me dream. Also, it’s not filled with completely unaffordable and unwearable clothes and interviews with the same old people from the same old angle, it’s truly refreshing!

  17. I love Frankie’s free wallpaper downloads. Gives me some florals in a world of winter!

    thingstheymade at gmail dot com

  18. Lucile D.

    What I love about Frankie is that they have gift ideas for just about everyone you know! Love the DIY links too!

  19. Erica E.

    I love the unique detail that goes into Frankie’s paper! And that the colors are so much fun :)

  20. the diy opportunities with this book are endless! i love the sea chant video, too. they’re so talented. xx

  21. tweeted!!

  22. I love their DIY and I have the Frankie daily journal :-)

  23. I absolutely adore their fresh designs and cute sense of style!!

    Please count me in!

  24. I adore the design and the endless possibilities!

  25. Laurien Van den hof

    Even here in Belgium, Frankie is being loved!! I bought my first Frankie when I was in Paris and I was freaking out because it was the most beautiful magazine I’d ever seen. I love everything about it: the articles, the design, the great extra’s. I’d love to wrap some gifts, make some cards and do some crazy origami with these fantastic sheets! :)

  26. Tessa H.

    I love their DIY links and would love to win this book!

  27. Renee


  28. NoRa

    So funny, I think I’ve just look at one in a french concept store and almost buy it… So It would be so great to win it ! ^^ One of my passion is to wrap presents to my friends & family, this item would be perfect…

  29. Michelle

    I love SO much about Frankie – most of all the beauty of their photos and inspiring style.
    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  30. Michelle

    I’ve tweeted about the giveaway @MichelleBrigha2

  31. Everything is so bright and fun! I love it!

  32. I tweeted about the giveaway! Here’s the link:

  33. Sarah

    I love Frankie because they’re crafty and cool.

  34. Erin

    Frankie offers beautiful and fresh prints and fantastic DIYs :)

  35. Well, being in the USA, I just now heard about Frankie from your blog (actually, a few days ago because I was totally cyber-stalking and reading through all your posts :P) but I have to say that I love that I know about Frankie now!

  36. And I tweeted!!

  37. julis

    I love the fact that it has adorable patterns…with a sweet choice of colours …! thanks for the giveaway..

  38. julis
  39. Such an awesome giveaway!

    What I love about Frankie is the diversity and the fabulous feeling I have with that magazine. I’m also doing paper accessories for my job so it would be an excellent gift! :)

    Oh, I’ve also tweeted this:

  40. I love love LOVE their latest cover. It’s not only an example of really clever use of embossing but a genius inside front cover. I love the back stitch!

  41. I would love love love to have acces to a Frankie in Norway, but I have acces to the blog and i LOVE that! I might subscribe of course, but love the blog :0)

    So this is my chance to have my hands on a real Frankie accezorie. Love the patterns on the paper :0)

    Have a great weekend!

  42. Thanks for introducing me to Frankie. So many cool things in one place. And I even found some new artists to drool over.

  43. Lavínia

    I like their DIY ideas! ;)

  44. Seriously what’s not to love about Frankie? Their pages are so inspiring .. from the photos to the layouts of each page. Amazing. I’m from Australia but live in California and must say my 1 year subscription to Frankie gifted by my mum was one of the best pressies I could have ever asked for!

  45. Lea Anna

    I love how Frankie introduces beautiful things to its readers.

  46. Aimee

    Frankie is so inspiring! Love the patterns, colors, feeling.

  47. Oh my, what a lovely giveaway :) I LOVE Frankie for constantly inspiring me! x

  48. gillian

    i love their wallpapers!

  49. Sarah

    Everything about them is so gorgeous!

  50. I’m in love with the Frankie planner…I wish I had snagged one before they sold out :(

  51. Awesome…I love that the papers are reflective of the years when I was a child!

  52. Steph

    so sweet!! vintage is so hot right now!

  53. megan

    My favorite thing about Frankie is who it reminds me of! I lived in Melbourne for a year, and it makes me think of my best friend there-she loved Frankie!

  54. hayley

    i love love LOVE all of the animal head rings! they’re so amazing, and unique!

  55. I’ve tweeted about it too @designisyay

  56. Beth K

    What I love about Frankie’s is their tutorials! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I just love to scoop around stores to find the most beautifull giftwrapping paper in the Netherlands. Not just your regular paper, but the unique one of a kind. Sometimes I use things that aren’t even ment for wrapping. Here in this small country finding that special paper is difficult.

    How great would it be to win this great Frankie giftwrap book!!!
    Hope I’ll be the lucky one!

    Be different,

  58. Patricia

    I love all the ideas and the spirit of their products! their daily journal is also amazing!!


  59. debbie jackson

    love the tutorials myself debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  60. Chelsea

    The unexpected patterns they show are super cute!

  61. I’ve never heard about Frankie before but when I went on their website.. it left me speechless! I want everything from there!

  62. I love how Frankie creates something so real, so fun, so free and is just like a best friend. Love the unexpected nature of this gift wrap which makes every pressie look spesh.x

  63. Abby

    Umm what I love about Frankie….WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE?! Love everything about everything! The patterns used, the designs, etc. I’m loving it all & these gift papers…well they had me at 50’s inspired! :)

  64. Gabriela

    I love frankie stuff, their graphics are incredibly beautiful. I would love to win!

  65. kate

    i love frankie! reading it always takes me to an inspiring, creative, beautiful place!

  66. Ava

    I love Frankie because even though I am not big on crafting, I can always go back to it for inspiration for small projects, and it makes me feel like a pro!

  67. Ava
  68. I’d love to win the Frankie gift wrap book! I love Frankie because it’s an independent publication that has managed to grow and grow (without losing its soul), and also does a lot to support indie designers and artists.

  69. Sarah

    all their products are so sweet!

  70. what i love about Frankie, is that they spak about so much subject. All is arty and makers (even the advertising!). And so exotic for me …from France

  71. […] And if you pop over this week, Claire is giving away a copy of the Frankie gift paper book. […]

  72. Satu

    I love Frankie because the colors, stories extras and layout is like a paper version me. If I could be doing a magazine, it would look exactly like Frankie. One of my friends ordered this marvelous magazine to herself here in Finland. I’m not that lucky so I hope I’ll be lucky enough to win this cute prize.

  73. Andree

    I love frankie for the quirky interviews and the great stuff they feature.

  74. I love that my Daughter (15) and I (41) both enjoy reading Frankie – and that it can spark some pretty intense debate, discussion and laughter between us.

  75. Sarah

    What I love love LOVE about Frankie is it’s style, size & feel!

  76. Ann

    everything from their website design to their products are gorgeous!

  77. Wehaf

    I love the photography!

  78. Christina

    I really LOVE Frankie, I think it is an awesome way for sharing and watch the job of artist all over the world. Really nice place.

  79. Johanna

    I completely fell in love with the colours and uniqueness of Frankie. Nothing more, nothing less. Just perfect!

  80. I love the great colors and patterns, that bring a bit of spring in the wintertime.

  81. Bec

    I am Frankie’s lover due to its numerous characteristics, but by far it’s quirky stories about secretive talented designers, shop owners and other inspiring people win my heart. Who wouldn’t feel inspired to be the best they can be after reading how a person’s flawed appearance challenged them to become an individual who has the talent and personality which is the envy of all others?

  82. Bec

    Just tweeted this rad comp! Frickin’ excited to see the lucky winners x

  83. I love love love how Frankie is always beautiful, and I love that my lovely husband gave me a subscription to Frankie this year!

  84. I love that Frankie is a very quirky, unique, innovative, interesting magazine, jam-packed with cool features and interviews with illustrators (which I aspire to be!) and interesting things to see, make and cook! One of a kind!!

  85. I also tweeted about the giveaway:
    @caperobin: “AMAZINGLY AWESOME @frankieMagazine #giveaway on @fellow_fellow ‘s blog!! #ftw”

  86. It’s funny. I never heard of Frankie before until now! Now that I saw your giveaway I met Frankie and I love it! All of their graphics, products and their use of colours is so much fun! What I loved was the Manhattan wallpaper, how adorable! Would be cute to use in my son’s bedroom. :-)
    Love the giveaway too! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time, since I’m a paper fan! ;-) Hope to get more crafty this year too and I’m definitely going back to Frankie to check out more.
    Love from Belgium, Inge x

  87. And for extra luck: I tweeted about this giveaway…:)

    Check out this lovely giveaway & win this cute paper book by Frankie @fellow_fellow … Hurry!! :)