Friday Mixtape 06

October 4, 2013 | Friday Mixtape

Friday, I love you.

Mixtape 6

Music, I love you too.

You can find the latest additions to my Spotify playlist right here if you’re looking for something to listen to today!

26. Graceless by The National
27. Are You Life by Little Scout
28. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons
29. Steal the Light by The Cat Empire
30. Upside Down by Paloma Faith

Have a lovely weekend, friends. Mine will be filled with work, maybe some time outdoors soaking up the sun (or rain?), and eating good food :)  See you on the flip side :)


  1. SO excited to add these songs to my spotify playlist!! Have such a great weekend!!

  2. Hi there! I’ve heard about Spotify before, but I’ve never tried it. You’ve just convinced me to open an account! I’ve been dying for some new music lately and I love you playlist so far!