Giveaway from Mariann Johansen-Ellis!

February 11, 2013 | Art

**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**

Happy Monday guys! And Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating!

What better way to start the week than with a giveaway – right?!

I received a really lovely email last week from Mariann Johansen-Ellis, a full time printmaker from Spain, introducing herself and her beautiful artworks to me. And I’m so glad.. they’re gorgeous! Just have a look at these bright and colourful etchings she does for kids…

Mariann Johansen-Ellis


I’m in love with those little elephants! Mariann also does etchings and linocuts for adults, which you can find here and here. And if that wasn’t enough, she also holds printmaking workshops from her studio in Spain! How cool would that be? It’s been put onto my to-do list :)

So – the Giveaway! Well, luckily for you guys, Mariann has very graciously offered to give one of her original etchings away to one of you lucky ducks! YAY! So today, you’ve got the chance to win either one of the two etchings below (your choice).. how great is that?!

**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**

The giveaway will only be held until midnight this Thursday, so get in quick! Here’s how you can enter:

PRIZE: 1 original etching by Mariann Johansen-Ellis (your choice between either ‘Caught a Star‘, or ‘Welcome‘ – see above)

TO ENTER: Head over to Mariann’s shop and/or flickr page, choose your favourite print, and leave me a comment below telling me which one it is! Be sure to use a valid email address when commenting, so I can contact you if you’re the winner! The winner will be chosen by

GIVEAWAY ENDS: Midnight (Singapore time) Thursday 14th February, 2013.

EXTRAS: Prize can be shipped worldwide. One entry per person only please!

Good luck! And a huge thank you to Mariann Johansen-Ellis for giving away such an amazing prize!
**This Giveaway has now CLOSED**


  1. Elisabeth Lyons

    I love her work. So soft and sweet. My favorite…i think…is “love the library”

  2. What a wonderful new discovery! I think I like “Daisy Tree” best out of the ones in her shop. Something so dream-like and appealing to me about that one! But all of her work is lovely.

  3. ‘Poetree’ is a beautiful etching with my two favorite colours of pink and green. It is indeed whimsical. She has some beautiful pieces, thank you for introducing her!

  4. Jacqueline

    What a beautiful giveaway! My favorite is the little elephant reading in the library- so charming!

  5. Love her prints, so many gorgeous ones but my absolute favourite is “Poetree” – so stunning!! Thank you for such a lovely competition! :)

  6. Michelle

    They are all lovely! I really do like the Poppy sunrise though :) Thank you!!

  7. Karen Cho

    I really like the goat piece but I think my favorite is the cat on a blue chair.

  8. T.Lee

    Two of my favourites were next to each other on her Flickr page: Let me get you a Star and Three Bunnies in a Boat, so wonderful!
    And then there was a photo of Mariann herself at work – so great, I love seeing the portrait of the artist, somehow makes their work more interesting for me.
    Thank you,

  9. I am so happy you are all in the give away, and looking forward to sending another of my little etchings out into the world! On wings of Love – Valentine and all that ;o))

  10. Edith May

    Love Moon River…. But I’ve been admiring (from Australia) Mariann’s work for a while and sharing it on my facebook page…. Great Fun! And I like the Welcome print… as I’ll be coming to Spain on a jumbo jet and I hope to sleep sweetly on the way…… Does she have a print called Pigs May Fly????? :)

  11. These prints are adorable!!!!!

    So cute ♥

    My favourite one is the one to win with the hot air balloon. I would love to win it!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Nicole H.

    I love all of them! They are so precious and I would love to have a room full of them. I especially love “It’s raining love” (probably since Valentine’s Day is so near). Beautiful work Mariann! I studied in Murcia, Spain and wish I would have known about your shop. It would have been completely worth the trip!

  13. I just found out I’m going to be an aunt!! Well my close cousin is going to have a baby and that animals in the balloon print is Too adorable!!! I think it’s the ‘caught a star’ one! I would love to win this for them!! =)

    I love elephants! I used to watch Babar as a little kid! =)

  14. Liesl

    All those lovely elephants! But my favorite is ‘Reach for a Star’. The little koala bear is so cute around the neck of the giraffe. It would look so good in my daughters bedroom!

  15. Maike Karen

    What a nice shop! I’m lokking for a present for my soon arriving niece! I really like for her “Caught a Star‘” and for my bed-room the “Blue River” !

  16. Yvette Verdonk

    For myself and boyfriend I love: Dare to Dream very much. My best friend is getting a baby-girl soon, the balloon-one will be a great gift to give. She just moved to a new house, this will fit great in the nursery room.

  17. Reagan C

    The black and white goat print is lovely! It’s a wonderful shop.
    Xo from Sweden

  18. Jean

    Beautiful shop! Thanks you for the giveaway!
    I think my favorite is the BlueChair with the Cat. I have a soft spot for kitties and I love the simple design and subtle colors.

  19. Michelle

    They’re all so cute- but I think my fav would be ‘With a little helpfrom my friends’-love all the animals ‘working’ together and the colors :)

  20. These are SO cute! My favorite is the caught a star print – but I also love this one:

    xo Lynzy
    sparklingfootsteps (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. pam ward

    Marianne, your work is gorgeous. Your etching “Almost Flying” caught my eye then I noticed it is part of your shop banner….great! It’s my favorite!

  22. My favorite is “Love the Library.” The pieces are so whimsical!

  23. It is way past my sleep time, but I’ve been lost in the pictures… My favourite is Almost Flying. It gives me a sense of that joyous feeling you sometimes get outside… when the wind blows and world moves and you’re all caught up and a part of it. It is almost flying. You forget yourself for a moment.
    Night night and thank you, xx

  24. Wow Claire ! This is such an awesome giveaway.
    I had never seen Mariann’s work until now and they are beautiful ! I personally loved the birds nest, art print etching, girl and tree with a bird – something magical about it :)

    Thank you Mariann for such beautiful work and thanks Claire for hosting this fabulous giveaway! :)

  25. Maria Achladianakis

    I love the bathtime one! so bright colors!

  26. oh, they are so amazing! I really liked Palm Tree!

  27. Oh how cute and adorable prints! My absolute favourite is the “Poetree”! Love the colours and the small details!

  28. Kathy E

    Hi there. This is such a great giveaway. Mariann’s work is adorable. I love the one called Books Sweet Books which shows an elephant reading amid a shelf full of books. I love it because if I’m to think of one animal who can read, it would probably be the elephant. Reading will probably sharpen further its good memory :)

  29. Thanks for the giveaway! “Love the Library” describes me to a t. For this giveaway though, “Welcome” would be my choice (as a gift for my soon to be niece or nephew).

  30. Terri Johnson

    I absolutely Love “Welcome”.Instant Smiles and Love..&will find it a place of Honor if I win a copy!(Quite possibly near my young Grandson’s bed…where he can rise and Shine when he sees it every morning<3)

  31. p

    my favourite is for sure ‘welcome’ closely followed by ‘moonlight’

  32. Ava

    The website is a haven1 My favourite is the ‘Almost Flying, art print etching with girl and birds and trees in blue and lavender.’ Refreshing to the eyes and light to the heart :)

  33. LauraLU

    The prints are so beautiful. My favourite one is “Blue river”.

  34. Lucile D.

    I would love to win one of these to spoil my little nephew… My favourite print from Mariann’s shop is “Poppy Sunrise” (oh I love poppies…)!

  35. I adore Blue River in Mariann’s shop. How talented she is!

  36. what a lot of wonderful wonderful comments! Thank you so much…… I wish every one of you could have won!!
    :o) Mariann