Hi there, nice to meet you!

February 13, 2012 | Featured, Personal

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day (hi Lisa!), and we came to the conclusion that I don’t share enough personal stuff on the blog with my lovely, wonderful readers.. and that (in fact) my lovely, wonderful readers may actually like to know a bit more about the person who posts here every day.

Was she right?

I hope so, because I’m about to tell you about myself anyway! Hopefully once you know a bit more about me, we can be friends! So here goes… 15 things about me.

1. Here is what I look like:

2. I’m closer to 30 than I’d care to admit, and it kinda scares me a bit!

3. I am Australian (from Brisbane), but lived in Germany for 3 years, and now live in Singapore.

4. I will be getting married in March to my man of nearly 9 years, Dave.

5. I have a degree in Graphic Design.

6. I get teased (playfully!) that I can’t open my eyes when I smile (they squish up).. but they ARE open, just only a little bit :)

7. I LOVE animals, and long to have a pet. We had a beautiful dog growing up, and two adorable rabbits while we were in Germany that we miss like crazy.

8. I am generally quite shy and introverted.. until I get to know you, then there’s no holding back! haha

9. I don’t tan, and sunburn really easily :(

10. If I’m tired, hungry, or hot.. don’t even bother talking to me.

11. I love to travel, but I hate flying. I did get upgraded once, which actually made the whole flying thing about a million times more bearable. No surprises there.

12. My ideal night involves take-out, a Pixar movie, and the couch. Or Harry Potter.. I do enjoy a bit of HP.

13. I work at home, in the third bedroom of our apartment which we’ve converted into my ‘studio’. This is it just after we moved in (left), and as it is right at this second (right – eep)..

14. My favourite meal would have to be my Mum’s apricot chicken. And lasagne, and roast lamb, and.. lets just say I enjoy going home :)

15. I am a notoriously slow eater.. my family actually leaves me at the table because they get sick of waiting for me!

Phew, there we go! These were just 15 random things I thought of, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, feel free to ask in the comments or just send me an email!


  1. Aww! It’s fun to learn tidbits about you! I love me a pixar movie too. They are my fave…same with HP…I love the little rabbits too. I’m staring at mine eating lettuce right now!

    • ffadmin

      Hey Connie! Ahh I’m so excited to hear I’m not the only rabbit lover! What kind do you have? Give it/them a scratch behind the ears for me :)

      Nice to meet you, Jules! It’s so funny how much point 10 is true.. I can be walking around perfectly happy, and the next minute I’m cranky.. and it’s always because of one of those three things! Glad to hear I’m not the only one! :)

  2. Hi Claire!
    I am totally in LOVE with your blog and have been for a while now. I really love this post especially point 10, Im with you on that!! Hahahah!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!
    Jules d+o xo

  3. Fact 16: Can belt out a seriously terrific version of “Someday I’ll Fly Away” with piano accompaniment. One of my favourite things! (And the smile!).
    Love this post, and so very in love with the last photo x

    • ffadmin

      Haha Mare! Terrific is an enormous over-statement! It’s you that makes that song sound good :) Gosh, that was forever ago!

      Aw, thanks Em! Yeah maybe QLD isn’t the ideal spot to live if you don’t like the heat! And don’t even bother coming to Singapore! (Actually we’d love to have you in Singapore (please come!), but the heat can be suffocating!). xx

  4. Emily

    Hi Claire, point 10 for me too. I HATE being hot!!! Makes me so cranky. Why I live in QLD I don’t know. I enjoyed hearing about you- point 16 is …. You’re a lovely person. Xo

  5. It’s lovely to “meet” you! We have a lot in common, especially 8,9, and 10. haha. Oh man, I want a bunny SOOO bad….and a goat!

  6. Julia

    Fantastic post Claire! Thanks for the lovely little ‘online’ catch-up about you – makes me feel like you’re still here in Brisvegas! Miss you heaps!! xox

  7. What a nice post – great to get to know you better. I have 21 things about me (under more about me) on my blogs side column. It was lots of fun writing the list.

  8. ffadmin

    Emily, lovely to meet you too! I’d love a goat too!! Or a lamb.. so sweet :)

    Julia! Miss you too lovely! We’ll have to catch up when I’m home :)

    Hi Jess! Your list is wonderful! I couldn’t agree more with no. 3 and no. 7.. crumbs in bed is really frustrating!

  9. Hi Claire! What a great post… so many interesting facts and statements. I am definitely like yourself regarding #10 & #12 – both of which, made me smile. I would like to add to the list of 15 things (or 16 counting Mary’s post above). #17 You are really kind and have a really lovely spirit. #18 You are a very creative person and are brimming with ideas. #19 You like to share and inspire. I am so glad to know you! xo Lisa

  10. This post makes me feel like I know you now! Haha. Hi Claire, I’m Danelle! :) In two weeks I will be on the wrong side of my 20’s and I’m not looking forward to getting closer to 30! I don’t feel that grown up, at all.

    I think my favourite of these is number 10. Me too!

  11. ffadmin

    Aw Lisa, you’re too kind :) Thank you for inspiring this post.. I’m so glad we could meet while we were in Germany!

    Hi Danielle! So lovely to meet you :) Happy Birthday for two weeks time! I’m not sure what makes 30 so daunting.. maybe because in my head I still only think I’m 23? :) Your blog is lovely, such amazing photography!!

  12. ffadmin

    Sorry Danelle, I just realised I spelt your name wrong!

  13. Great post! Pictures of a beautiful girl are always beautiful pictures! Bravo!!

  14. Thats so funny. I tease my mother that her eyes squish up when she smiles:)

  15. Bianca

    I love this! What a great idea! I’ll add #20 – fantastic host and tour guide around European cities.
    Gorgeous pictures Claire! And I second #2…scary :(
    Can’t wait to see you very soon! xx

  16. This post is so kind of you. It’s nice that you share with your readers your work, and now yourself. I’m just as shy and introverted like you. I’ve been shy most of my life, and it takes a lot to get to know me, but once I get comfortable then that’s when all the great jokes and the real “Louise” comes out! hehe! I also feel you on #10…same here! my family knows not to bother me during those times, and my daughters will say, “mommy mad?” Haha! This was a great post and I feel like I got to know you a little better. Also sounds like a good idea that I’ll trickle down to all my blogger friends!

    • ffadmin

      Oh my gosh, you guys are all so kind!

      Thank you Maryline! :)

      And thank you Bianca, can’t wait to see you soon!! x

      Kuriosakabinett – hehe it used to annoy me, but now I figure I can’t do anything about it, so might as well get used to it! :)

      Hey Louise! I know! It takes time to get to know us introverts, and once you do the shyness disappears :)

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  18. you’re so cute! I used to have two bunnies too…that I also miss alot. We have cats now and a baby, and I’m hopign to one day also have a dog.

    • ffadmin

      Thank you Ana :) Bunnies are the cutest! But I’m sure cats and a baby keep you busy enough! Aw, a dog would be awesome :)

      Hi Amy! Lovely to meet you too! Thank you for your kind words :)

  19. It’s lovely to meet you! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I am hooked. You right such interesting posts; I always leave inspired. Thank you, doll!

  20. You’re just lovely! Thank you for sharing. :)

  21. Hey Claire! Nice post. Good to know I’m not the only one with scrunched up eyes… Mine are just always shrimpy, smile or not… I discovered your blog via Pinterest, I believe, and then it just so happened I’m also a printmaker. With a blog. Living in Singapore. Who also recently happened upon watercolor (Your last “words” is so gorgeous!) It’s a small world, huh.

    I’ll be living here until mid-May. Give a shout if you want to grab a bite to eat or a drink sometime. Or have a watercolor painting session!

  22. I’m with you on the scrunchy eyes thing – mine always look shut in photos… but they aren’t!

    I’m also with you on number 10 (as are lots of people from the looks of it). If I don’t get fed I get really grouchy, and when I’m hot I just wilt and am completely useless.

    I also thought ‘yes’ as I read 11 and 12 – perhaps I need to have you over for a Pixar/kids film marathon?! x

  23. you. are. the. absolute. cutest… ever.

  24. Dellie

    HI Claire,

    Thanks for sharing – I had no idea you were Australian. I recently ordered one of your paper packs and I just love it, I know I should have bought 2 …I dont want to use them up hehe

  25. ffadmin

    Aw thanks, Tommy! And thank you for always commenting :)

    Aly – lovely to meet you! I’ll be in touch about a meet up :)

    Claire – YES absolutely need a Pixar/kids film marathon!!!! Including wine!!!! And possibly ice cream!!!!

    Heodeza – Aude, you’re pretty darn cute yourself.. really. x

    Dellie – Oh yes I remember sending some paper to you! hello! I’m so glad you like it.. I always do that too though, especially with nice new notepads.. they’re too nice to use!

  26. Hello, and lovely to meet you too.

  27. Hi there) Nice to meet you too))

  28. Nice to meet you!

    Oh, I love your workspace wednesday posts, I admit I’m a peeping tom. I love seeing shots of other creatives’ spaces, what they’re working on, where they work on it… Your studio space looks dreamy. I have to ask, you seem to have a cutting machine. My tools are my computer and a craft knife, and I’m always curious about recs from other designers, what they’re working with and would they recommend it to others. Do you cut your beautiful shapes with a cutting machine, or do you do it by hand? Would you recommend your cutting machine / printer / etc to others, or are they just collecting dust off to the side?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Naomi! Wow, you do stunning work! I’m in awe that you do it all with just a knife..
      I do have a cutting machine, it’s called a Black Cat Cutter, Cougar which is what I use to cut out my shapes. I did a lot of research before buying the machine (there are so many out there!) and in the end think I made a great choice! I’d definitely recommend it! I do use it a bit, but would like to use it more.. which I’m working on :)

  29. Hi Claire, wow, just discovered your GORGEOUS blog – I love it! Will be checking back regularly :) x

  30. Hi Claire, very nice to meet u… hope your hair will be much easier to style now… ;-)
    your blog is really cool! Not like my boring photo storage blog….. keke

  31. Hi Claire, lovely to ‘meet’ you! Just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog for the last hour, and I am completely inspired! You are one talented chick, and I can’t wait to read more :)

    P.S. I very much dislike being hot too… instant crabby maker. :)

  32. Hi Claire, I chanced upon your blog when I was searching for DIY coasters and I must say, it was a pleasant surprise! Love how you kept everything sweet and simple for your readers and in lieu of my wedding next year, I am now motivated to pursue customization. Keep it going! Thanks for the useful tips!

  33. Sara


    I’m not sure how i got to know your blog.. i think it was pinterest linking me to here?

    Doesn’t matter. What matters is I’ve got an amazing find here, at your blog!

    Love the name and how it sounds ‘fellow fellow!~~’ When i say that out loud, i picture a cheery canary. Some links to the name maybe? :)

    Have a pleasant journey (blogging experience) ahead!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Sara! Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across my blog :) Thank you for your very kind words, it really means a lot to me that you’d take the time to get in touch :) Take care! x

  34. Emma

    Why hello,

    I came across your blog accidentally, and boy was I happy to find it! I saw that you were trained in graphic design, but also take pretty amazing photographs. What cameral and lens do you shoot with? Do you do a lot of post production work (actions)? And, whew, are self taught or did you take some courses.

    okay thanks, Happy Spring!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Emma! Great to have you here :)
      I use a Canon 5d mk3 mostly with a 50mm 1.4 lens (I’d highly recommend this lens!). I do do some post production, but try not to go too overboard. I have some presets in Lightroom that I use, but other times I’ll just adjust things like contrast and exposure. Aaaand, I’m self taught. Hope that helps :)

  35. Hi! Got to meet you are the craft party but unfortunately had to run off before I got the chance to really chat. Nice meeting you :) You have a wonderful website!!!

  36. Hey Claire! My mom just had this open on the computer and i clicked on it! im totally going to use the cupcake toppers for my bday in feb! your amazing! :)

    • ffadmin

      So great to have you here Kate! I love that you’re going to use one of my DIYs for your Birthday! :)

  37. hi just came across your great blog . I like you have put some facts about you – nice to see who is behind the blog :) . I have done the same on mine…Nice to meet you xx

  38. Hi Claire! Its Kate again. I would love it if you would go to my blog at kykykatie.blogspot.com and i never usually go on mine. so that’s why i want you to go on there. i never go on it anymore because no one goes to it…. :( it would be awesome if you could do a post on your blog to tell people about mine. please? you would make me so happy and i would actually put funny good recipes and crafts on there!!! Thankyou! — Kate

  39. Karen

    Hi! Nice to know you! :)

  40. sharon

    Hi Claire.. beautiful post. Would love to know what kind of camera do you use, and also what inspires to start a project?

    I am a Malaysian, who use to live in Singapore for 10 years but now i’ve relocated to Paris. Would have love to know you when i was in Sunny Singapore. btw…stay in from the horrible haze.


    • ffadmin

      Hi Sharon! Thanks for your lovely comment – it’s too bad we’re not in the same city anymore! But Paris… that sounds dreamy :)

      I use a Canon 5D Mark 3, mostly with a 35mm or 50mm f1.4 lens – I’d highly recommend these lenses (and camera!), I love them!

      And normally what inspires me to start a project is either a desire for something (like, pretty new breakfast bowls) or seeing a certain medium at the art store that I’d like to try using (ceramic paint pens!). Then I start thinking about how I can combine them, or look on Pinterest for inspiration and real-life products I like the look of and go from there. Or sometimes if I’m really lucky, an idea will just pop into my head randomly ;)

      Hope that helps! And yes this haze is suffocating! I’m trying to stay inside as much as I can, but it’s sending me (and Arlo) crazy! x