I Heart Art: Cinemagraphs

April 13, 2012 | Art

So, once or twice I’ve had a go at creating gifs. I like the idea of taking a series of images and putting them together to create movement.. and normally they end up really grainy and jerky, but kinda fun.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever thought gifs could look this incredible. They are called Cinemagraphs, and are created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Amazing or what?!

I could just watch these all day.. they go on forever and ever :)

All images from Cinemagraph, found via Art Hound


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  2. remind me of harry potter newspapers!

  3. Go to cinegif dot com to learn how to produce images like these for yourself!

  4. I am simply in LOVE with these types of graphics…such lovely art indeed! :)

  5. YES! These are awesome.

  6. These are awesome! Lewis wants to know how to do them!!

  7. amazing, but most of all beautiful! I am stunned by the first picture!