IKEA Project 3: Dining Room – DIY Painted bowls

August 24, 2015 | DIY, Singapore, Sponsored

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration with IKEA, however all ideas, opinions, and thoughts are my own. 

I can’t believe we’re already at the 3rd challenge! I’m just loving these tasks so much -It’s really fun to take a critical look at certain areas of my home and think about how they could work better, or what small things I could do to update the look.

For the last two Ikea tasks, I’ve done more of a space makeover (see those here and here). For this challenge though (dining room!) I wanted to focus on something a bit more specific, something we use in our dining room every day. So, instead of a room makeover, I’ve done a bowl makeover!

DIY painted bowls

I’ve been wanting to get some simple white bowls for a while now, and when I saw the IKEA 365+ bowls I thought they were perfect. Simple, classic, and – S$3.50! Can’t go wrong, seriously. Well, until I decided to get all crafty and freehand paint on them in the pursuit of cute custom ceramics… there was some serious room for error there.

I decided to face my fear of ruining these poor bowls though, and I’m thrilled that I did! I love how they turned out. It wasn’t too hard either, in fact I found that even if my lines and patterns weren’t perfect, it didn’t matter – it still looked good as a whole. PHEW.

And you can do it too! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY painted bowls:
– Light coloured ceramic pieces of your choice (could be mugs, bowls, plates etc.)
– Porcelain paint pens* (or pots) in colours of your choice
– Some paper towels or an old piece of card to blot the pen on

*I used Marabu Porcelain Painter Pens (in dark blue 293) available at Art Friend for anyone following in Singapore. In future though I’d probably try and find pots of porcelain paint and use a very fine paintbrush as I found the pens a bit streaky and unreliable.


Step 1.
First things first – the paint should not be applied to any surface that you plan to put food on. Best to keep it on the outside.

You’ll need to make sure your ceramic pieces are clean and dry. Then, have a read of the instructions on your paints and doing a small test of the bottom of one of your pieces. I bought 3 colours but ended up not loving the green or pink, so good to do a test!

DIY Painted Bowls

Step 2. 
I started by drawing a few rough sketches to get a feel for the patterns I might want on my bowls. Better to go in with a bit of a plan I reckon! Once you’re happy with your ideas, you’re ready to start painting! Or you can wing it, that’d work too :)

The paint dries fairly quickly, but can be wiped or scratched off if you notice a mistake soon after it’s been made.

Note: I discovered that the more detailed the pattern you create the better. When it’s really detailed, you tend to only see the overall pattern, and not the place where the pen started running out, or your flower wasn’t quite perfect. Larger drawings will require more accuracy. Also – thicker, thinner, lighter, and darker lines might seem like a mistake, but actually overall it just gives it a nice painterly feel! So don’t stress if it’s not perfect :)

DIY Painted Bowls

Step 3.
What you do next will depend on your paints – once they were finished, mine had to air dry for a few hours and then be oven baked.

That’s it! Now they’re ready to be used, and are even dishwasher safe. Brilliant!

DIY Painted Bowls IO6A0540 DIY Painted BowlsDon’t they look nice set up for breakfast? I can totally see a big mound of ice cream sitting pretty in these bowls too (though I’ll take ice cream in any bowl really!).

For some more beautiful ceramic painting tutorials (seriously, they’re gorgeous!) have a look at Delia Creates and Funnelcloud.

I hope you’ll give ceramic painting a go too! Be brave! :) x


  1. These are some awesome bowls! I love them!

    • ffadmin

      Thank you Monique! :)

  2. Beautiful! I’m so proud to drink my tea everyday from a cup decorated by Fellowfellow!

    • ffadmin

      I thought of you so often as I was painting these bowls Maryline! I hope they last as well as your mugs have. Thanks for starting my passion for ceramics all those years ago :) xx

  3. WOW! These bowls are super-cool! Congratulations for this project, I love it!

    • ffadmin

      Thanks Lory! :)

  4. Natalie

    These look great! I might have to give this a go! x

    • ffadmin

      Thanks Nat! You definitely should :) xx

  5. Hi! These are super cute! I love white/blue dishes! I have bought even colours to paint white plates – then never did – thank you for inspiration! x Teje

    • ffadmin

      Oh you should give it a go Teje! Good luck! :)

  6. Oh my, these look fabulous!
    This gives me such inspiration, thanks for sharing :D

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  8. Hi. The designs on the bowl are so gorgeous. I’m inspired to do some with drawings relating to nursery rhymes so that my kids would have fun while having their breakfast cereals.

    • ffadmin

      That’s a lovely idea Sharon! Good luck – I’d love to see the finished product! :)

  9. Samuel Ong

    May I ask, how long do you need to bake it in the oven ?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Samuel, Best to just read the instructions on the back of the paint you use on your bowls. Each brand will have different baking instructions :)

  10. Mithila

    These bowls are just so pretty and I can’t wait to try them for myself :)
    Could you however detail more on the baking bit? How long does the cutlery need to be baked and at what temperature?


    • ffadmin

      Hi Mithila, it’d probably be best to follow the instructions on the paint you use to paint your bowls. Each brand will have different instructions for baking, normally written on the back :) Hope that helps!

  11. emy

    At what temp n how long do u oven bake them for please?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Emy, Each paint brand will have different instructions so best to follow whatever the paint you have specifies :)

  12. Jan

    beautiful bowls, surely the painting can’t be hand-made, they are so intricate! I couldn’t paint flowers like that! Please explain to people how to achieve this result! Are they glued on?

  13. Sue

    Wondering, what paint you used?

  14. Thea

    How have they lasted over time? Have they started to fade?

    • ffadmin

      Hey Thea! They’ve lasted beautifully.. no fading at all. I guess there’s a little bit of wear and tear because we use them every day, but overall they’re holding up really well :)