Inspired by a hint of mint

January 26, 2012 | Inspired by...

What I wouldn’t give to be sitting at the gorgeous desk right now! It’s so clean and bright.. like taking a breath of fresh air. Isn’t the white/brown/black/mint combination so lovely? I feel calmer just looking at it :)

And here’s a few things I found that could be incorporated into your own look!

Oh that bunny lamp.. i die.

Main image found on Weekday Carnival, via pinterest.

Clockwise from top left: Write with Moxie Paper Pencils, Basel Chair, Bright Star Print, Areaware Animals, Varpunen Circus Sack (via), Rabbit Lamp.

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  1. very very pretty mint atmosphere! i like it too!

    the pencils are very nice & the sketch of the girl with the yellow splash!

  2. I too love the feel of that work space, the sweet pencils and the paper bag garbage can in the first photo – it’s perfect.

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