Inspired by bright triangles

April 5, 2012 | Guest Post, Inspired by...


It’s Aude from heodeza again, for my last guest post of this series. I’ve had a really wonderful time over the past few weeks, and I hope you have too. :-)

I thought I’d leave you with some beautifully colourful triangles; don’t they make you all happy on the inside? They definitely do the trick for me.

Photo credits – clockwise: More4 rebrand campaigne (via), Pillow, Brooch, Mural, Necklace

And for some extra happiness, make sure to watch the first video on this page (what’s better than happy colourful triangles you ask? Well, happy colourful triangles in motion!). The making of (two videos down) is pretty impressive too.

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  1. such a fun pattern. I love it