Inspired by Jessica Day’s Bedroom

February 19, 2013 | Inspired by...

Have you guys watched New Girl? And if you have, did you take any notice of Jess’s bedroom? Do you like it? I do!! I am completely IN LOVE with her quilt!! You can see it here and here in case you’ve never watched it before.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been scouring the internet from top to bottom, left to right and in every dusty corner to try and find that quilt (or even just the fabric) without any success, which made me so sad!

UNTIL, one day last week completely out of the blue, I actually found the EXACT fabric (also here)!! I couldn’t believe it! I’d lost days of my life in pursuit of this elusive fabric… victory was sweet.

Just as a side note – my eventual success was due to the discovery that there is actually a NAME for this style of fabric (as opposed to ‘floral’ or ‘paisley’ which is what I was searching).. it’s called Jacobean. I’d never even heard of it before, but it turns out it’s a style I adore! Way to learn new stuff! ;)

Aaaanyway. Now that I’ve found the fabric, my idea was to buy some and make my own quilt with it.. however, I’m now second-guessing myself. See, to order the fabric in that quantity and have it shipped to Singapore won’t be a cheap exercise, and I’m a bit worried that a black bedspread will turn out to be a bit garish and heavy in my bedroom. Now that I’ve looked back at photos of Jess Day’s bedroom, I also worry that the quilt looks so good because her room is all awesome and industrial. Our apartment isn’t even close to industrial, so I’m just not sure anymore.

I also should mention that I’ve never made a quilt before either. Minor detail.


Because I’m a visual person, I put together a collage of products that I thought would be great with the black fabric. I found that they needed to be quirky, fun and bright to balance the black:

Bedroom1. Yee Ha! Screen Print by Castle   2. Lyle – Fox in the field Print by Amber Alexander   3. Antique Primula Print by 1001 Treasures   4. Burlap Headboard from Target   5. Wild Oak Table Lamp from Anthropologie   6. St. Thomas Ebony by P. Kaufmann from Hancock’s of Paducah or   7. Hemnes Nightstand from Ikea   8. Yellow Spot Pillowcase by Castle   9. Dandelion Pillow Cover by Blossom Pillow Co.   10. Handmade Fox Plush by Sleepy King   11. Chevron Pillow Cover by Blossom Pillow Co.

Then, to get even more of an idea how it might look, I took a photo of our actual bedroom.. then photoshopped the fabric and cushions into it.

What do you think? Unfortunately we probably wouldn’t need the bedside tables (there’s a wide ledge behind the bed that acts as bedside tables at the moment), and we can’t hang any pictures behind the bed for obvious reasons.. but I think it still gives a pretty good idea of how it might look. I also thought some cool red lamps might work too, instead of the root-style ones.

I’ll definitely keep it in mind over the next weeks and maybe also look for other Jacobean fabrics, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! :)


  1. I love the new look. With the window and the white gauzy curtains, I think the dark quilt wouldn’t feel too dark or overpowering. I am such a fan of Zooey’s room on new girl! I love the way you put the accessories together too! :)

  2. The whole look is beautiful and not too dark if everything else is light. However, if you didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of it you could trim the bottom edge of a simple quilt with an extra wide strip of the Jacobean print?!


  3. Steph

    Ahah i love New Girl and i also looove her quilt !
    Thanks for finding it :)
    I used to think hers was from Urban Outfitters but i don’t know where i got this idea… ;)

  4. I find it hard to choose too. Both look lovely. I find myself swinging from loving bright and colourful prints to wanting a white minimalistic place to rest. For me, I prefer a white space to relax and create from but you should go with what inspires you. That fox would look cute in both spaces though. I say add him regardless of what you choose :)

  5. I love New Girl and Jess’ room (especially the brick and blue wall combination!). I say you should definitely go with that quilt, the fabric is way too pretty now to! And I love the little mood board you put together, that little fox is too cute. :)

  6. Marlene

    The whole New Girl loft set is great! Those lucky tv characters, being really broke doesn’t stop them from being ueber stylish. I say go for the new look! Although I like your before pillows too. :)

  7. You should be able to find a similar fabric with a white or cream colored background to lighten up the look a bit. Good luck with your search!

  8. Jessica from Lovely Undergrad (well, now The Lovely Side) here. I found you blog since you linked to my post on Jessica’s room. Thank you for that! And I’m soooo glad I found your blog. It’s so lovely! I love the eclectically patterned pillows you put on the quilt in your mood board. I say go for it! The fabric is just too, too pretty to pass up. :)

  9. I love New Girl and Zooey Deschanel’s style on-screen and off. And don’t be afraid of quilting, especially if you are starting with one large piece of fabric and not squares. Good luck, and I love the design of your blog.