Kenya Pt. 1

September 12, 2013 | Personal, Travel

Good morning friends! :)

I’ve finally finished going through our photos from Kenya – yay!!

I’ll be sharing them over the coming weeks in slightly more manageable bite-sized posts, so I hope you’ll enjoy following along! It was such an incredible trip, I can’t even begin to tell you.. hopefully the photos will speak for themselves :)

Rift Valley

We’d been planning this trip within my family for almost 12 months prior to leaving (unbeknownst to my Mum), and it was hard to believe the day had finally arrived when it did! Not only was this going to be a holiday, but also a reunion – with my family, and with Kenya.

16 years ago my family moved to a small town in Kenya for 6 months with my Dad’s work, and this trip was the first time any of us had been back. It was only 6 months, but it’s an extremely special and cherished part of all our lives, something we’ll always remember. Going back was a chance to see old friends again, experience the changing country, and share this part of our lives with our significant others. It was special :)

This set of photos is from the first few days… After arriving in Nairobi (and surprising Mum, which was fantastic!) we headed down into the Rift Valley to Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. We did an amazing game drive around Lake Nakuru for most of a day spotting all sorts of wildlife (zebra, baboons, buffalo, rhino, and giraffe) and taking in the incredible views. We stayed the night at a place by Lake Naivasha, and the following day did a boat trip on the lake to see some hippos :)

Africa1Africa2 Africa3 Africa4Part 2 will be Masai Mara! :)



  1. emily Dodson

    Stunning! looking forward to part 2.

  2. What a fantastic trip! And I can imagine your Mom’s surprise!!

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  4. Natasha

    What a stunning place to be in. Care to share how the planning of this trip went about and the arrangements that were made to make this trip possible? I do hope that one day I’ll be able to partake in an experience akin to yours (traveling to Africa)!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Natasha! The planning was mostly done by my Dad… he contacted a travel agent in Nairobi that he’d worked with before, and they communicated via email back and forth to check and book things. It all seemed to work quite well! I hope you’re able to go there one day soon! :)