Kenya Pt. 2

September 19, 2013 | Personal, Travel

Allo! I hope you’re all ready for lots of photos! :)

Part 2 of our Kenyan adventure took place in the incredible Maasai Mara. We spent two nights in a tented camp and spent our days tripping around the game reserve on safari.

It was amazing, truly. Standing in the truck, heads out the top with the wind it our faces as we drove around searching for animals hidden in the grass and trees. We were lucky enough to see a few lions, one of which was with her 3 cubs, cheetahs, loads of wildebeest, rhinos, hyena and giraffe, not to mention the ever-changing Mara landscape. It was spectacular.

Maasai MaraMaasai MaraMaasai MaraMaasai MaraMaasai MaraMaasai MaraWe also got to visit a Maasai village, but I’ll show you some photos of that next time.

And in case you missed it, you check out Part 1 here!



  1. Those are some really great shots! I especially like the fourth one from the bottom, with the lion peeking up at you snapping a shot of him! :)

  2. These photos are amazing! I want to hop on a plane and head that way RIGHT NOW! :)

  3. Eb

    Ahhhh such an amazing trip!!

  4. Isn’t the Mara incredible? I spent about a month in Kenya a few years ago and have been pining for a trip back ever since. Your photos made me even more nostalgic.

    • ffadmin

      Hi Alaina! YES, so incredible! It’s exactly how I imagine Africa :) Wow, a whole month – how amazing. I hope you’re able to get back there soon! X