Lace Cement Votive DIY


  1. Sarah

    Such a great idea! I can’t wait to try it! xx

  2. so cool post!great idea!

  3. what a lovely idea! so lovely

  4. What a great tutorial, with wonderful pictures, as always! I love the contrast between lace and concrete! I will try this this summer, for sure!

  5. Ah, concrete… such a cool looking material!
    You’re so full of wonderful and clever ideas!

  6. These are lovely and amazing….I ate up the whole post.

  7. Just shared this project in my Current Crush of Lace! Beautiful. Thanks for the idea!

  8. That is just incredibly cute! Where can you get concrete that will dry with that much detail?

    • ffadmin

      Hi Michelle! I just bought regular cement powder, not the stuff with loads of rocks and sand. It might make them a little more fragile in the end, but allows it to be quite smooth instead of all rocky :) Hope this helps!

  9. Watty

    I went to the link and I guess it’s gone. :(

    They look beautiful.

    • ffadmin

      Hi Watty – I think Say Yes to Hoboken is just down at the moment. It should be up again soon! :)

  10. We loved your project and shared it on our blog . Great project, thank you!

  11. Scott

    Great idea! Problem is, the lace tape can’t be found locally (at least near me, anyway). And finding a cheap, straight-sided, disposable container is nearly impossible. I’ll keep looking and will probably order the lace tape online, but any other suggestions would be most helpful. Again, great idea!

    • ffadmin

      Hi Scott, great to hear you’re going to give it a go! Sorry the tape is hard to find, I don’t really have any other ideas where you could get it from unfortunately. If you can find it, I’d suggest using a narrow tape, so that you can also use a more tapered container (like many disposable cups). It’s just that the wider tape works better on a straight-sided container. If you do use a tapered container, just make sure the smaller inside container fits in with enough room around the edges. Hope that helps! :)