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January 25, 2013 | Listening to

What a great song to send us into the weekend! And even better, I’m off to see them play live at Laneway Festival tomorrow! Wish us good weather :D

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Little Talks, by Of Monsters and Men.

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  1. For a brief few moments of time, where I lived had a rock station. They played “Little Talks” and I fell in love!! I <3 this song!!

    If you like them you might like this song, "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn, & John. Similar music, and a great song too!

  2. Oooh thanks for sharing, I like, and not heard them before. I think I need to do some festivals this year. Nothing better on a rare British summers day than live music and a cider or 2 :)

  3. Great band! Enjoy the festival looks like a cool line-up.

  4. Really love this and hadn’t heard it before. Thank you!

  5. i love them! have a fabulous time at the concert!

  6. Oh they’re great! I found out they’re playing in my home town in April and already sold out. So jealous that you’re going to Laneway, such an amazing line up – Alt-J and Polica! wow… I went in Perth a few years ago and it was great. Have fun!

  7. These guys are on replay right now! So good!!

  8. ffadmin

    Hi Chloe – thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely look them up :)

    You’re so right Gemma! There’s nothing quite like it.. can’t wait!

    Lucy – Ohhh, sold out already?! Sorry to hear it! It is a great lineup this year.. I’m particularly excited about Gotye, Bat for Lashes and Alt-J! Can’t wait! :) I hope you’re able to see Of Monster’s and Men soon! :)

    Thanks everyone!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying this song. Have a great weekend! X

  9. Great song! We heard it for the first time during our vacation in Croatia and now it reminds us amazing time spent there… :))

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