Loving… Dinosaur Designs

May 29, 2012 | Loving...

I was reminded of this gorgeous Australian company while I was perusing this post on Dearest Nature the other day. It’s called Dinosaur Designs and they produce handmade resin homewares and jewellery from their Sydney office. I’ve had a bit of a love affair with them ever since my daily bus route back in 2007 used to take me right by a shop window that displayed their goods. I was the girl with her face pressed against the window, fogging it up and drooling all over the seat (ok ok not really.. I know how unsanitary bus windows can be).

Don’t you just love these bright, transparent bowls and bangles? So fresh and summery! :)

All images are from the Dinosaur Designs website. Also check out their shop here!


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  2. so beautiful and fresh!!

  3. DD bangles are the only jewellery I wear on a daily basis I have a few the colours are amazing and they are beautiful to wear. I get one sometimes 2 for birthdays and christmas every year.
    I cant imagine a day where I wouldnt wear one.