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July 27, 2012 | Loving...

Ok, so I know I don’t have any kids but I really couldn’t go past these incredible animal coats without sharing.. Aren’t they adorable?? I so wish the brown fox one came in adult sizes (maybe minus the tail haha)!

They’re handmade by Little Goodall, and are available here :)

Which one is your favourite??

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  1. WOW, these are really cool! Now I need a child haha.

  2. Oh my, aren’t these cute? I’ve got no kids either, I guess I’ll have to pester my friends into having some.

  3. Awesome!

    I want to know to sew et to have a child just to do this!
    Thanks for the tuto and see you

  4. This is awesome!

    I want to know to sew et to have a child just to do this!
    Thanks for the tuto and see you

  5. Ma

    Oh I wish I had grandchildren. :)

  6. It’s so cuute!!! I love the lion!!

  7. Oh I love these coats ! My favorite one is the Lion ! :-)

  8. ok seriously these are amazing. I love the little lion! I think maybe I need to order it for Johannes for fall…because its so AWESOME! EEK

  9. I’ve been looking at these since they showed up in my reader, trying to decide which one I’d choose – to little avail. These are just so fun, and the details are perfect. I too love the fox, but it might be because the lighting in the photo is so beautiful… This shop has done some seriously great work on their stylng and photography. Thanks for sharing these, they really made my day!

  10. Saw these in “Peppermint” – SO divine!! Will have to get for our little critters one day x

  11. Wow, I really wish I had a little one to put in these. They are so darling!

  12. Fantastic idea! For it self I would gladly sewed the jacket. The fox is awesome!

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