Loving… Ta Ta Indian Wood Stamps

June 10, 2013 | Loving...

Hello friends! Welcome to a new week :)

I thought we’d kick-start the week by looking at something extra special that I’ve been meaning to post about for a while now.. Indian block printing!

I was reminded of my love for this artform a few months ago when I came across this video from West Elm – it’s so dreamy, it makes me want to dash off to India immediately. If you aren’t sure what block printing is, this video will be a great introduction :)

It’s a very old way of printing using hand-carved wooden blocks, and the results can be spectacular. It’s easy to forget, though, that the hand-carved wooden blocks can be just as beautiful as the finished results! Just take a look at these beauties from Ta Ta Indian Wood Stamps on Etsy…

Ta Ta Indian Wood Blocks

Aren’t they amazing? I find it hard to imagine that someone actually chipped away at each one by hand to create these intricate designs… clearly they’re very skilled and have a lot of patience haha!

Wouldn’t they be a great way to give block printing a go at home? Or even to use as display.. the designs are just too pretty! What would you do with them? Do you think you’d try printing with them? :)

Another way you can have a go at block printing is to carve your own block (from lino!). Here are a couple of great tutorials – from Pretty Prudent and Everything Golden.

I hope you’re as inspired by block printing as I am! x


  1. These are lovely! I JUST made my own little stamps this past weekend, but they are no where near as cute as these!

  2. wowww! loving those wood stamps!!
    very meticulous work!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are stunning! I can’t get over the patterns and all of the project options..

  4. These are just incredible. I can’t believe they are handmade!

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  6. Oh these are so beyond pretty! Love them!

  7. Thanks for the shout out!

  8. Love it! I´ll try to make my own:)

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  10. that is so cool, love the stamps, maybe some owls stamp would be lovely.